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Is everyone's pain the same?

I get worse throughout the day, in the evening it's like a stabbing pain witch stops me from sleeping and can't get comfortable.

I'm still going though tests, but doctors think I have endometriosis cause of my symptoms. I've been signed off work for 8weeks now as the pain is horrible and I'm just drained from now sleeping.

I'm stating to feel really down and have now been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency. I'm finding this hard all to deal with at the moment.



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Hi hun. I must admit at times my pain can get gradually worse through out the day. Especially after a tough day in the kitchen at work. I find it hard to get to sleep and i cant lie on my right side ( where i get most of the pain ) . My pain is strange, i get it low down my groin, buttocks and thigh. Then in my ribcage into my side. I also have what looks like a slight distorted belly. One side is pulled in more than the other! Is any of this familiar with you too? Xx


Good luck are they sending you to a Gynae? It sounds like my journey especially with the pain and time off work.from coming off the pill to getting a diagnostic laproscopy it took 6 months so let's hope it's quick for you too.xx


Endometriosis can only be detected by a laparoscopy. If you have it, it should be dealt with by specialist endo gynaecologists. Ordinary gynaes do not have the skills to examine all parts of the abdominal cavity, or recognise the various types of endo. They are also highly trained in the surgical skills to fully remove all endo, wherever it is found. So, make sure your GP is sending you to a specialist endo centre.

Take a look at the posts on here by 'Lindle'.

Hope this helps.


My pain varies - I have general fairly low level ache in my bum and pelvic floor, shooting pains down my right leg and groin, what feels like a fork scraping against the inside of my pelvis on the right, and pain up under my right ribs. During my periods the pain honestly feels like something has gone bang in my abdomen and it hurts absolutely everywhere, once the worst of it has worn off everything feels incredibly sore, like it does after you've had a bad stomach bug and been sick.

My belly is distorted, and I can only sleep on my right


Hey, have you been diagnosed? I have the exact same symptons but was convinced the pain under my ribs and just below was a coincidence., or reffered pain. And is your belly bigger or stretched on the side your affected on? Mine is stretched and looks strange as one side hangs normally but the other doesn't.



yes, I have a confirmed diagnosis of stage 4. Bowel/uterus/ovaries are stuck together. I've been checked for gallstones and kidney stones and also had a colonoscopy and they were all clear.


Hi hun, I'm the same..

My pain gets worse, but also worse if i sit up straight, I'm better off lying flat on my back. When you do lie down for bed, have a hot water bottle, it works a treat!

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I suffer with absolutely excruciating pain on day 1 of my menstrual cycle, over the next few days it goes from 10 out of 10 to about a 6 or 7 and sits at that level for around 15 days at which point it disappears completely. I'm worse at night after laying down, tend to wake up in pain and needs meds at 4am. It builds over the day if I don't rest. Take my first meds at lunch.


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