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What to do with follow up appointment?

As I mentioned in my previous post I had my first lap last Friday. No endo was found at the time. Today I had a talk with my general doctor about the lack of results. According to the information he received from the gyn. indeed nothing was found and no explanation can be given for my pains. At least my general doctor was very supportive.

I told him about the suspicion that my 1,5 year of medication might have suppressed the endo enough to have missed it during the lap. He suggested to talk with my gyn. about in my follow up appointment.

I also told him that the Lucrin (gnrh injections) really helped me before, so I think it is strange that there is no gyn. explanation to be found. If it would be something totally different, the medication shouldn't do anything.

Also this is on my list to discuss with the gyn. next week.

Since the GNRH injections are relieving the pain, I thinking about just eliminating the things that the GNRH injections are supposed to be used for.

- endometriosis

- fibroids

Does anyone else know where GNRH injections can be used for?

Anything else I should ask my gyn?

Also, i mentioned here before that my smear test was really painfull. The doctor said it was because of a tilted womb. Now i received the results and I have to do the test again in a half a year.....

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Sorry about your smear results, it's horrible to have to go back so soon.

Can't help about the drugs, but my smears have always been excruciating and as I usually end up bleeding there's always the possibility that the test has to be redone because the cell sample isn't right. I have a 'tilted' womb too, but I've never had that given as a reason for the pain, which is more than just the pain on my cervix, it is deeply internal and I think must be because of the endo.

Anyway, my current GP is really good and last time, after a false and very painful start where she couldn't even see my cervix, I lay on my left side with my right leg up and supported by a lamp, she was then able to get the smear and it honestly didn't hurt at all.


Thank you for your reply. I will discuss the smear test with my gyn this week as well. Maybe there is a way to do it less painfull. Or hopefully it was just a one time episode.

I just felt that this was just another addition to the health issues I am already having. Sometimes it just feels like things just keep adding up.


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