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It's not Endo, but i'm still in pain!

I had a laparoscopy on January the 6th, no endo was found, but a cyst was removed YET i'm still in pain! tody i had a sample of my cervix, vaginal wall and main vagina area taken. and were sent off to the lab today, im a bit worried about the results! has anyone been through an experiance like this? im also still bleeding and my doc is worried about that as im loosing alot of blood! the pain i am experiancceing is severe cramps and severe stabbing pains above my right hip, the pains also go down my thighs and sometimes through to my back! xx

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The symptoms you describe are the type experienced by someone with Endo. Was your OB/GYN experienced in Endo surgery?, as one often hears of peope being told they are Endo free only to be later told they have it by a different Dr.


Nno i dont think so!, The surgeon how ever, i was told was in a team that know alot about endo! i just want to get to the bottom of it! im fed up! and i want to go back to work! im noe selling all the stuff i own just to get by! xx


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