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Don't know what to do ????


I have been told I have Trapped ovarian syndrome, has anyone else had or suffering from this ?

Also have endometriosis (mild now), PCOS and Hydrosalpinx.

My gyne has said surgery is very risky with a very high chance I will come away from op with a colostomy bag !!!

Just wish I was normal !! Have had gyne problems for the past 17 yrs, no amount of laps , treatment helps !

We have tried IVF twice and both failedin 2005/06, now at the age of 38 I really don't know which way to turn.

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Hi Kezza my thoughts are with you, I had what they think was a hydrosalpinx 10 years ago which caused internal bleeding and adhesions on my bowel, I dont know about trapped ovarian syndrome. I really do hope your surgery goes well and wish you all the best xxx


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