Cyst removal anyone had this experience

OK,so I had a cyst removed last months but exactly four weeks later and when I was due to ovulate I'm in pain all over again.even though I was reassured it would be the cyst causing the pain.anyone had this I'm wondering if I'm hurting just because its first ovulation since the op.rather than it will be like this every month again.anyone been through this too.thanks.

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  • Hi, I did had open surgery for endo and to remove a large cyst, I was a little bit of discomfort at ovulation time but it wasn't bad and was basically like a mild stitch at one side.

    Not sure if that helps.


  • Hi, I had cyst, ovary and tube removed January and the 1st ovulation and period afterwards were horrendous!

    I could hardly walk with the pain, checked with gp and he assured me it was just because it was so soon after the op...a few months on and it has need to give your body time to heal but if it carries on, I'd definitely go back to the doc to check,

    Hope that helps x

  • Thanks ladies that really helps,I have had it for nearly a year so was a bit panicked that I 'm in pain again so quickly.fingers crossed it will settle after a few cycles!!thankyou so much for your reply.xx

  • Hi. I have had cysts removed twice and unfortunatly they returned very soon after, within 6 months, and I will be needing further lap surgery soon. It is normal to feel quite a few aches and pains and pulling here and there for quite a while after. Discuss it with your gynea at your next appointment. x

  • Oh I hope it doesn't come back ,its the first I've had and I had a hystrectomy four years ago for endo .typical Isnt it when ovarys are all I have left and now there giving me pain.!!!please please please let it be a one off..thanks for warning me of the possibility though.x

  • Hi, i had my cyst removed in 2011 and was told by my doc that the pain will ease but instead of that happening the pain got worst over the years. it's now unbearable for me and i ache in all different parts of my body. for me removing the cyst has made it worst. don't mean to scare you but i am just telling you what i have and am experiencing. i hope it don't turn out the same way for you. best luck to you.

  • Can I ask ,do you have endometriosis aswel as having problems with cysts?thanks for replying.

  • Can I ask do you have endometriosis aswel as having problems with cysts?

    Thanks for replying.

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