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On zoladex and the pill for contraception :-)

Well ... Started my zoladex 2 weeks ago and went to the doctors to get my hrt so before I went I did a bit of research as the nurse had suggested I could go on the pill instead of using condoms. So I mentioned it to the doctor and straight away he said no because I can't have anything with oestrogen in it, so my response was ...what about a progesterone only pill ...he then spent the next ten minutes in silence flicking through his books and my notes and the next thing you know I have a prescription in my hand for cerazette progesterone only pill! One happy lady!!

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I'd be very dubious about that working as contraception, I'm pretty sure zoladex stops any pills being effective in that way. In theory you shouldn't be able to get pregnant on zoladex but it could still happen.


Have a look here under Family Planning nhs.uk/medicine-guides/page...


What exactly are the reasons you can't get pregnant on zoladex ?


I was on prostap and was told to stop using Cerazette for contraception because although theoretically iyou shouldn't fall pregnant, they have no data to support it.


In theory it should stop you ovulating, but is not guarenteed this won't happen so you can still get pregnant. There has been one lady on this forum who was pregnant whilst on zoladex and she spent her pregnancy worrying after being told her child might be born with female and male sexual organs or that she may miscarry any time. It's not so much about the oestrogen in the pills but the way the hormones interact.

After taking the morning after pill after a split condom whilst on zoladex I can tell you was one of the worst 24 hours. My body didn't know what had hit it, it had so many hormones flying around. The pain and nausea were horrendous.

You could ring a pharmacy to check also, but the fact it's a negative for the manufacturer to publish it for their drug suggests there is a significant risk.

The trouble is with endo lots of people like gps dont know much about the drugs etc and so misinform us.

Please keep us updated though as will be great to know either way!x


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