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Another Day!

Oh joy! Another day of pain and trying to put a smile on my face at work. I am so worried that it's going to take 18 weeks to get a Lap to see what's going on. Worried that they are going to palm me off to bowel/urine investigations too because my doctor told me that even though my pain went from 8/9 to 2/3 she didn't think the consultant was going to think it is Gynae related. I think the Zoladex worked wonders as now 7 weeks after last Zoladex pain returning not quite as bad yet but definately struggling again. This isn't the first time the NHS have taken so long with me in the last 5 years I have had a Dermoid Cyst and Gallstones and I was months in pain with those too and had to struggle on too. Sorry to babble on it's all getting me so down again. Big hugs to all x

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No need for sorry, the whole system sucks and they wouldn't put animals through this. x Bad day here too :( xx


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