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Any relation endo and Monthly reoccurring abcesses?

Last year I had an abcess cut out of my groin/ thigh area then 5 smaller 1's appeared which cleared up with antibiotics. Then a month or so later another 3 smaller abscesses appeared again antibiotics cleared them up. Now I have 1 on my shoulder an arm pit after recently being diagnosed with endo I'm wondering if there is a connection? If my body cannot get rid of the leftover tissue where else can it go?

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Not sure, but I recently posted about external cysts that I get, which sounds similar... endometriosis-uk.healthunlo... - I recently was referred to gynae but none were present at time of appointment so I'm still none the wiser. I am now able to get emergency appointment when i get next one so they can investigate. I'm sure mine tend to flare up before my period though so I think there must be a link.


Hi, I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. I have suffered from endo for over 30 years and with abscesses in the groin area for 20 years. I have not only had numerous operations for endo but also for the draining and packing of the abscesses when the antibiotics I had to carry around to knock them on the head as soon as I felt one coming on didn't work as any delay and I would be in hospital immediately. I was convinced there was a link between them and endo but no one would listen to me. After every operation (and there were many) all I wanted to know was why I was getting them, only to be told "it's one of those things" and "you are just unlucky". After 15 years I paid to see a Gyne privately and for the first time ever someone read my hospital file (which was massive by this stage) and when I went in to see him he told me he thought he had the answer. I was diagnosed with a condition called Hidradenitis suppurativa and guess what there is no cure. It does appear on the NHS website now. I then has to visit a dermatologist and was prescribed a wash and a bath solution. Bubble baths became a thing of the past and I was extremely careful with any hair products I used and deodorants and the few abscesses I have had since I have been able to control with antibiotics. I am sure when I was looking at the two on the Internet I did come across a web site linking the two but I have just had a quick look now and couldn't locate it for you but you should be able to find it. I hope this helps. xxx

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