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Right ladies just had my first zoladex injection and after dreading it I can honestly say it weren't that bad, there was a little pain when the needle went in but that's only because its just a bit wider than a normal needle but it was literally done and dusted! Also I asked the nurse about contraception and by all accounts I can go on the pill rather than using condoms, so waiting for an appointment with the doctor to go on that and to discuss hrt. If its ok with you guys i would like to keep updating this blog with my experience of zoladex for people like myself who are worried about it.

I'm 26 and I'm on zoladex now following an emergency laparotomy after an endometrial cyst ruptured at which stage they found the endometriosis.

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Im currently on zoladex. I would double check about being on pill as I was told by endo specialist, plus says in manufacturers instructions its a definate no no and you have to use condoms.

After having a scare on it from a spilt condom I wouldnt wish the worry or risk to a foetus on anyone.

You may be right but just wanted to share what ive been toldx



I had my second injection yesterday and like you I was really nervous about the first one. I had read and heard stories about how bad it was, but I must say it was no worse, and probably better than having a blood test. I felt the needle go in a little, and then within a few second it's all over. I hope you are ok on this and don't many side affects. I have started having a few hot flushes, but nothing too bad at the moment, so hopefully it will continue like that.

All the best with your injections




Hi everyone, yes please do keep updating on how you are getting on with it because i am currently sitting on the fence abt treatment choices because i am really scared about making the wrong choice, thankyou and i hope you are all ok x


I am another one who didn't have a bad experience with getting the injection, it was over so fast and I barely felt it. I'd read so many horror stories about how painful it is and the bruising afterwards that I was really worried about it.

I'd also double check about the pill, as I was told the zoladex stops it being effective and to use condoms instead.


Hi I finished a 9mth course of zoladex injections in feb. I found them a godsend. Yes I did have side effects and I found the add back therapy made me have pain so went it cold turkey but I was happy to be hit if it meant the oain was easier. Just having my first AF since stopping quality it's horrid. Currently waiting for my date for my hysterectomy. X

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Omg 5 days since my first injection and I suddenly just wanna burst into tears for no reason !! Anyone else experience anything so soon after first injection ?


I have started my first injection. Having lots of pain and heavy bleeding, like a period .. Any advice ... And how long should I expect it to last


Ok so yesterday I started bleeding , no pain but blood is very heavy ! Is this normal ? How long does it normally last? Moods and everything else feel normal at min! And I was also thinking about the pill I have appointment with the doctor tomorrow but was thinking why couldn't I use a progesterone only pill with the zoladex ???


Hi there.

My first time.

I started. Zoladex this month on the 19th and the doctor say I would not have any bleeding but I am bleeding very heavy. I have mess up the bed and clothes it is so heavy. Anyone else has this happening to them. The pain at first from the needle was bad. It was a big needle. Then it burn me for a while. Then I had some bad cramps that made me bend over. But after about an hour the cramps went away to where I was OK to stand. But I am worried about the bleeding that I am having as I am anemic.


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