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No referal & more tears xx

Went to see my gp this morning to discuss me ultrasound results. He still will not refer me until september !! Gave me the usual statistics that women cannot be referred to specialists under 1 year of trying for a baby & told me not to get stressed and that i need to (in his words) "enjoy life" , yes well im in pain, im not getting pregnant & I know I have endometriosis & clubbed fallopian tubes, but because my overies looked clear on the scan and there is no funding for fertility referals under 1 year of trying, I now have to sit & wait for 4 months.

Naturally there were more tears during my apopintment and afterwards & I feel like im having a really bad day today.

Its ok for a doctor on a high salary to sit there and tell me to de stress & relax, whilst all the while im trying for a baby, im working full time & trying to run a business in addition to my full time job! I know deep down he is right about de stressing but the reality of the situation is not so easily done xx

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Hi there, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm not sure if your doctor is right, cause my gynae here in London told me to actively try for a baby for 6 months after my latest lap and if not pregnant by then to go back to start investigation.

I'm 33 years old and with endo and they gave me the 6 months as the time limit before starting fertility checks etc.

I think it is one year in women that have no gynaecological problems like endo. xx


Are you waiting for a referral to general gynae consultant or a fertility centre? Were you discharged from gynae then after you were diagnosed/treated? The reason I ask is it might be worth calling your gynae's secretary and asking for an appointment.

Sending you big hugs xxx


I had my most recent and in total 3rd lap 25 months ago, discovered endo (again!) , gave me some laser treatment for endo and discovered my tubes were clubbed which at the time they did nothing about as I was unger a general gynae and not fertility. discharged me (as at the time I was not trying for a baby).

Since then I have now been trying for a baby for 8 months, I am however in pain aswell as trying for a baby & I can feel via my pains that the endo has returned since my last lap. I have no clue what state my tubes are in (ie wether they have worsened or improved since my last lap)

Had the ultrasound on tuesday & as everyone knows fallopian tubes and endo do not show up on ultrasound, however because my overies and womb looked ok ive been told endo and tubes can only be dealt with via a referal to fertility gynae and that will be another 4 months wait! he says in this area (south east) normal healthy women do not get referred until 18 months and he will refer me early after 1 year.

I feel really down about it and Ive felt really angry for the last 25 months that they stitched me back up leaving my tubes damaged anyway, I would of thought wether I was trying for a baby or not that its good common sense to clear a childless persons tubes anyway!


Unfortunately they can't always clear your tubes. I'm in a similar situation. My GP wouldn't refer me to fertility clinic despite being diagnosed with Endo and blocked tubes until my partner had tests. However I think it was more to do with the fact he knew I wouldn't get funding with my partner already having a daughter. I ended up self referring to a private fertility clinic for an initial consultation to get an idea of how my endometriosis would effect IVF treatment and the consultant there recommended for me to have one of my tubes removed because its filled with fluid. The other tube however although blocked does not have fluid in it so should be ok to leave. So I contacted my gynae's sec she got me an appointment and now I'm on the waiting list!

Think some GPs are just to strict with following protocols so sometimes you have to try and find another way in. A lot of gynae's will see you privately initially and then put you back on their nhs list


Not to put a downer but I have suffered with my periods all my life and I e been trying to conceive for 4 years and they've only just diagnosed a few weeks ago despite the endless appointments etc doctors leave things too long !


Oh I know that, I've been at this game with my endo for 14 years! But only been trying for a baby for 8 months. I've fallen in love & married a man with 2 children from his previous marriage so now I'm not entitled to any funding. Sod's law! Xx


Hi - I am so sorry for what you are going through. I think maybe you should ask to be referred to an endo specialist consultant rather than the fertility clinic. Endo consultants are gynaes anyway who have then gone on to specialise in endo so they will be aware of your fertility issues. I think you would be better off going to see one of those who could help sort your endo out first and that in itself will help with everything else and they might then be able to refer you onwards afterwards too . I so wish you all the best. Big hug x x


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