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This is my first post. My doctor has recently diagnosed me with endo based on history and current symptoms. She's treating me with Cerazette to try to stop the bleeding. I have just started the third month but I've just had two days of heavy bleeding, although for the most part without pain. Willing to give it longer to work as I'm not keen to have unecessary surgery. I have my first gynae appointment next week as I've also been suffering from sebaceous cysts externally 'down there'. I'm sure the flare ups coincide with my cycle and are hormone related. I'm sure you can imagine they're pretty uncomfortable. Just wondered if this is another symptom and if anyone else gets them? They usually respond to antibiotics but leave a little pea sized core behind which can feel a bit awkward at times and depending on where they are can make sex more uncomfortable than it already is.

Does anyone else get these and had any treatment that prevents them coming back?

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  • I haven't heard of anyone having them being related to endo, but maybe someone else has. However, when you have a period your immune system often drops so it can make you more susceptible to other things. A lot of ladies with endo report getting other things that happen on a cyclical basis, but this is because endo is immune related. It's a bit like a person being blind and getting bruises - it's not being blind that causes the bruising, it happens because a person is blind: if that makes sense! :D

  • Thanks for your reply, that does make a lot of sense. Will discuss at appt.

  • I also get external cysts ' down there' but never connected it to my Endo, which is strange.... because I connect everything to my endo!

    Over time I have been able to figure out that certain body washes and shower gels make my cysts worse so I tend to avoid them, but it still doesn't keep them from appearing... nasty little things! I generally won't use overly perfumed body wash or shower gels that claim to be moisturizing ( shower creams) as they really exacerbate my cysts.

    As for if they are connected to Endo, I'm afraid I just don't know. Definitely mention it at your gyne appointment though because you are right when you say how uncomfortable they can be.

    Good luck with your appointment! x

  • Also, I meant to add that there is a treatment available but it involves stripping away the layers of skin to get at the root of the cyst... Needless to say I have not requested that particular procedure so far!

  • Thank you for your reply, reassuring that I'm not the only one! I also avoid perfumed washes etc as I have sensitive skin anyway so they play havoc all over. I've noticed that they seem to pop up when I'm particularly stressed so I'm anticipating one soon with appt coming up! My doc mentioned the surgery to get the root out but, like you, I'm not keen to go down that road as there are quite a few of them. We'll see. I guess they'll check everything next week, dreading internal as it's all very sensitive at the mo. Thanks again x

  • I ended up getting a trans vaginal scan today, which was particularly uncomfortable thanks to my cysts and it turns out that not only do I have them 'down there' but I also have at least 2 large cysts on my uterus and several small cysts round about my ovaries...

    The things we have to put up with, eh!

  • Poor you, sounds horrible. I had a trans vaginal scan a month ago which didn't show anything significant fortunately, but the exam itself was a bit of a struggle. I guess I'll just have to see what next week brings.

  • Hi, I don't know how old you are or whether you've had children but I have two external cysts. One just next to the opening of my "you know" and the other is right next to my urethra which make going for a wee take a very long time as it stops it coming out fast. Both of mine get hard and sore around my period. So, here's my theory....You can get endo cysts in c-section scars, mine are where I tore during child birth (yes that's right I tore all the way up to my clit sorry tmi lol). So I think my cysts are endo/chocolate cysts and I am going to see if I can have them removed because with every period they get a bit bigger and it has made sex even more painful than normal and can completely turn me off!


  • I'm 40 with no kids. First one I got came up on my honeymoon 4 years ago which was just great... distinctly remember it bursting while in Stockholm! Not pleasant. Since then initially I only got two or three a year, but in the past 6 months they've been more frequent. I put it down to being run down since having pnuemonia in January. Def going to discuss all this at my appt on tues.

  • Omg I have literally just connected mine to my period. I have these cysts inside too and they have been flaring up recently. I know they def flare when I am stressed but I noticed they seem to become painful about a week before my period. I had one that burst and was v painful last month.

    This may sound silly but as well as the cysts I have had several painful lumps on my face (I rarely get spots) and pus spots around my hair follicles, just wondering if could be related?

  • My doc asked me if I get them elsewhere, I don't, but apparently it's common to get them in breasts and underarms. Not sure about face, but hormones affect all these things and my oestrogen is slightly high for my age, so I wonder if it's connected. Would explain flare ups before period. Last lot of antibiotics have seen off my last one but I'm still aware of where it was, if you know what I mean!

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