Shrunken Ovary and New Cysts?

I went to my old gynecologist for a follow-up after the laparoscopy half a year ago and, with perfect timing, I did have to tell him what my new ones were saying. I brought up an old hemorrhaging cyst cluster and that turned a consultation follow-up into a full exam.

He found that one ovary had shrunk significantly and the other is covered in what are either hemorrhaging or endometrial cysts. The shrinking ovary thing was supposedly very unusual, completely unexpected and, as far as he knows about my condition, not possible. With how they are, he's considering surgery, but needs my new doctors to fax over everything that they have on my condition before he can schedule anything.

However, since doctors in urgent care think I had a cyst rupture recently, I worry that this'll change those plans. I think I'm having auditorial hallucinations because I hear them say "fibroids" every so often too, but I'm sure those really are just in my imagination.

I'm kind of ranting at this point, but I'm also not sure what I should expect form this. Anything I've researched for shrinking ovaries says it's either from menopause or early signs of cancer, but can just one ovary really shrink and the other one stays the same? I just want to make sure I ask the right questions or have a list of things to expect. Has anyone every had this happen?

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  • Did you have a scan in this appointment? Confused how they could diagnose something like that from an exam. I was told i had a endometrioma on my left ovary after a scan and a physical exam from seperate doctor. In the surgery it turned out my ovary was stuck to my fallopian tube due to the Endo and had gotten twisted there was no endometrioma cyst.

  • They did a transvaginal ultrasound and measured their findings.

  • Which ovary has shrunk out of interest?

  • The left--though according to ultrasounds and laparoscopic exploration, the uterus is fused to the colon and tilted at an angle to have the right ovary higher than the left. With this, they speculated that this is why the left ovary gets all the hemorrhaging cysts and that the endometrial cysts are in the right one, also theorising that this is what caused the endometriosis in the first place in the uterine tissue not being able to be shed properly. So far, they don't think this can be reversed if surgery and physical therapy haven't done anything, but I think I've already answered your question haha.

  • I was curious as there seems to be a lot of 'hidden' left ovaries that appear and disappear due to being obscured by the bowel. I don't think all this speculating by the gynaecologists is particularly helpful. Presumably the fusing of your uterus to your colon wasn't like that when you had your lap or it would have been mentioned then and they would have called in a colorectal surgeon to separate them? It sounds like adhesions and/or retained endo that has caused it and not the other way round. Ovaries can vary in size at different time of the cycle and in different cycles and there may also be an element of the right being bigger (and not necessarily the left being unduly smaller) since the endometriomas can only increase in size. I think the important thing for you is to get a referral to an endo specialist to get to grips with exactly what's going on. Have a look at my post on how to access a specialist.

  • Judging from all the ultrasounds I've had over the past few years (as far back as I'm able to track--I don't remember the names of the places my foster parents took me to), it's been tiled for a long time but nobody brought it up until recently. As far as a lot of doctors have told me, the position doesn't matter, so it's not really worth talking about, which is probably why it wasn't brought up verbally until I found a gynecologist that thinks details like that are worth mentioning.

  • My uterus was stuck to my bowel and i had endometriosis on lots of organs, i had excision surgery to remove it all and this allowed my uterus to be mobile again. My original symptoms have now gone. Hope that helps. I had endometriomas too x

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