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Do I need to be examined?

Patches of endo were found when I had a hernia repair, I was told to consult my doctor an he has suggested I have the coil fitted and have Children within the next 4-6 yrs. I would of presumed that I should have some kind of examination to see where and how bad it is? I explained to my doctor i had very heavy painful periods for the last yr but had come off the pill so just thought it was my body sorting itself out.

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Hi - sorry you have had to join the endo club! Unfortunately, the best way to find out the extent and position of endo, and thus most appropriate treatment, is to have a laparoscopy (keyhole) investigation by an endo specialist. The consultant who repaired your hernia has obviously already identified that you have it but he probably would not be the best person to say what the most appropriate treatment would be.

I am not sure what the status is of the doctor who you were told to consult re having the coil fitted, GP perhaps, but personally I would think it best to see an endo specialist (rather than a general gynae) as they can advise you what the best way forward will be for your circumstances.

Excision surgery (keyhole) to remove what endo you might currently have, could prevent it from getting more severe. Hormone treatment just temporarily masks endo and once it is stopped, you will find yourself back to square one. It is also a myth that having a baby will sort your endo out.

All best wishes x


I get upset and angry reading blogs about women who are being forced to be treated for a complex and dibiliating illness by a GP! The guidelines state, that when a diagnosis of Endo has been made, referal to a specialist treatment centre is preferred. At least, you should be referred to a gynae clinic.

Insist on a referal to consider your long term options. A coil is fine to control the symptoms, but when you remove it they will return. Also, advising having children as a treatment for Endo is completely irresponsible! Again, pregranacy and absence of periods for a while post pregnancy will relieve you of your symptoms, but will not cure you of your Endo.


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