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internal examinations

Does anyone else find internal examinations really eye wateringly painful is this typical for endo sufferers .Its one of my biggest fears when seeing GP re anything gaeni.Ive reached a point now I have to warn them before they start I may yelp and try and disappear up the table!!!!!Just need to know Im not a one off with this one .

Thankyou fellow endo ladies.

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i had a smear in march i think it was and it hurt so much i was fighting back the tears and for two days after i found it uncomfortable so no your not alone i tend to put things like this off silly really


I do try and just get on with it but yes I do find them very painful. Before I knew I had endo I found even just the speculum being inserted painful, and smear tests or anything touching my cervix makes me feel sick. I had a copper coil fitted and it was probably the worse experience of my life (and I've had a baby). When they finally decided I may have endo the gynaecologist said he was pretty much convinced just by how tender I was on examination, as evidenced by the grimace on my face! Lap confirmed endo and I let them take that blasted coil out while I was under so I didn't have to go through all that again!

So yes I do find them painful, and I think it's reasonably common with endo...


Yes... it's absolutely grim.

My gynacologist told me one of his patients actually kicked his head because it hurt so much. So I lie there thinking about doing that (I've never actually done it, but the thought does cheer me up).

i usually take a couple of nurofen half an hour before going, and then do a lot of deep breathing while it's actually going on, I also try to make sure I'm not rushing off anywhere important after the doctor, so I've got a bit of time to recover afterwards. Hope this is helpful.



not nice to hear people suffer but I was really beginning to think it was just me I will tkae painkillers good idea and hopefully not kick anybody in the head!!I just feel such a wimp when it happens but it really does hurt as if we dont have enough pain in our lives!


No you're not the only one.

I cry every single time! So much so that the doctor has to carry them out now rather than the nurses.

I also had the mirena coil put in and like medicmum it was the worst experience of my life. I went to a&e twice to try and get them to remove it.

Anything internal is ridiculously painful, I think the worst bit is the speculum, it feels like its ripping me open.

It sucks :-(


Same here, I was wondering the same thing as the last ultrasounds I had were excruciating. I did wonder if it was endo because they never used to hurt me. I've got one next Mon 6 August, not looking forward to it but they need to check my coil is in place.


take some pain killers before hand as Aquitaine suggests im certainly going to.All the best.


Wen I had internal the pain was that bad the doctor had to stop I know go to hospital tobe put to sleepso they can do smear so u are not alone


Hi I think you should try and relax by taking a deep breath when you are at your consultation. Usually nurses and doctors know what they are doing so you should try not to worry. If you feel pain tell them to be gentle and don't be afraid to say "ouch" after all they know what that means. I hope you will be ok and stay positive. Good luck


Hey love, your not alone. If I go to my consultant or have to go to docs to do with "down there" I always make sure I have painkillers in my system as it is very painful. It is very hard not to jump off the table and I always try not to cry but it can be difficult. I hope the responses on here have been helpful xxx


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