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5 Weeks post op hysterectomy

Hey there, hope you have all had a relatively pain free weekend. So tomorrow I will be 5 weeks post op a laparoscopic vaginally assisted hysterectomy. After 3 days I went home and managed my pain with hot water bottles and yes calpol lol. They said anyone dealing with chronic pain would find it a breeze. By week two no pain relief and week 3 NO PAIN hooray. But to my dismay late Friday I acquainted myself with a familiar friend. Someone please tell me my head has gone astray and its not really happening. I'm 34 and single with one little smushy monster but this was a MASSIVE decision to make to be pain free and to think my dreams hae been shattered for nothing makes me so sad. Has this happened to anyone else? Could the pain be something else?????

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Did they remove your ovaries too? They are the important ones for endo battles, endo isnt in the uterus so removing just it without cutting out all the other endo lesions won't make much difference. It's real benefit is to stop heavy monthly bleeds when all else has failed or doesn't suit you (BC pills, mirena coil etc)

Any remaining endo lesions will remian active either being fed oestrogen from remaining overies, or from HRT or from other parts of your body that are still producing oestrogen.

Another factor is scar tissue or adhesions which grow from endo lesions and any other surfaces that have been traumatised (including surgery) and these adhesions can glue your organs together and cause a great deal of discomfort.

I am sorry that barely 1 month after surgery your pains have returned but it is not that unusual, endo has no cure, so unless all the endo was cut out when you had the hysterectomy too, you will remain battling endo after the op.


Hi, so sorry the surgery hasn't worked for you. I'm 46 have had my womb removed and ovaries 4 years later through the same thing. The lady above is spot on, unless it's all removed it will rear it's ugly head again. Wish it was better news. So sorry xxx


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