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Help with pain?

I'm 22 and according to the hospital the worst case if endo he has seen. I am currently waiting on a date for the 3rd operation and have been in and out of hospital for tests etc. I am on hormone tablets taking 1 a day but apparently that's bad for you, anyone had that before?!

it has spread all over and now I'm experiencing endo cysts which are bursting. The pain is excruciating and I can't move or walk. Generally the pains stays for about an hour however it is getting more frequent. It used to be a week apart but now only a few days. It's totally taken over my life and because of how bad it is I have already been told to expect that I can't conceive, which at 22 is crushing my dreams.

Anyone have any advice for the pain, it seems to spread across my stomach and crippling.

Thanks much appreciated if you have ideas.

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I wasn't really interested in the coil. My doc and Gynae have told me the side effects and I don't really want that.

Yes it is like a stabbing pain but I get it all across my lower stomach. On both previous operations they have managed to remove some endo however I'm now waiting for another appt.

I don't know what else I can use for the pain as nurofen isn't working anymore


go to the doctors. i used to get pain like this and was taking things from over the counter but they would work for 10-20 mins then the pain would come back. I went to my doctor and there are loads of pain killers that they can perscribe you to help that wont make you drowsey although the pain alsone shatters me. worth a try. Like you i am waiting for my 3rd lap but speaking to my gyno they have said that there is always a chance even with servere cases and like you i have cysts and things to so i wouldnt worry about conceiveing yet as it is always possible. Im 26 now so after my op they are going to work with me to get me pregnent as thats what i want but there is always a chance just might be harder

good luck wishing you all the best x x x


I was not sure on have the coil either but as I was always in pain had nothing to lose in giving it ago and glad i did as the pain has not been as bad as it was before having the coil. I do still get the pain tho :-( x


They wouldn't give me the coil as 1 I wasn't too happy about side effects and 2 I now have a bowel problem x


I had endo on rectum which made me have bowel problems. I was advised to change my diet and eat thing which are high in fibre to help with this issue. And as I didn't eat breakfast I do now and have cereal that has fibre in which helps.

Is your bowel problem due to the endo? If you don't mind me asking. You could try that and see if that helps with your bowel problems?

LauraLou x


They couldn't find any problems with my bowels when I had the camera however I know that my bowels aren't right.

My bowel problems started after my first operation so they thought I had a bowel problem but nothing to do with endo.

Yeah I'll def try and change my diet see if I get any where.



Ok, let me know how it goes Hun x


Ive had similar experiences and my right side is that badly damaged, hoping the left still works. Im on zolodex and although the side effects arent amazing I truly am 90% pain free and no bleeding. I hated the coil but so far so good xx


Yea I have been on zoladex before I'm not bleeding any more now I'm on hormone tablets I've got some co codamol now so see if that helps xx


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