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Following are my latest lab results. GFR has been in the 35-45 range for the last 3 years. I am also type 2 diabetic. I asked my nephrologist about diet, and he said to just watch sodium. Unfortunately, we do not have a diabetic/renal dietitian in my area and I'm driving myself nuts trying to balance the two conditions. Any suggestions?

Sodium Level 134 L Potassium Level 4.1 Chloride Level 100 Carbon Dioxide Level 25 Glucose Level 125 H BUN 22 H Creatinine 1.3 H Calcium Total 9.8 Protein 8.8 H Albumin Level 4.5 Bilirubin Total 0.9 AST/SGOT 25 ALT/SGPT 23 Alkaline Phosphatase 75 GFR Estimated Non African American 41 L

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Your local hospital might have someone on staff that can help you find a Renal Dietitian. I had to drive two hours to find one "near" me. If you have a Dialysis Center near you, you might contact them and see if they have someone that can help you.

I use the recipes found on They list all of the sodium, potassium, phosphorous, protein, and calcium in each recipe. Another thing I find helpful is that they tell you which recipes are also good for those on dialysis, or have Type 2 Diabetes.

You might also keep a spreadsheet of all your previous lab values as then it's easy to read and see a trend either up or down for each test.

I use to make sense of some of the tests ordered that I might not be familiar with. I also use to check all of my meds to be sure that they are not hurting my CKD while helping some other health issue.

I don't use social media but if you do and if you trust Facebook, then I've heard they have groups there as well and information on recipes as well. Best of luck.

curleytop1 in reply to Mr_Kidney

Hello Mr. Kidney and everyone who might be interested, I have found it is possible to join Facebook using a pseudonym (made-up name/nickname) and its not necessary to provide any personal information or a photograph. I joined an all female support group but cannot say that it provides much practical advice, as does this site. It is largely sentimental in its support and there seem to be no answers if a serious question regarding kidney problems is posted. I have found it to be disappointing.

Mr_Kidney in reply to curleytop1

Giving social media sites personal information is not the only way they are able to access your personal information. By connecting to them on your computer FB or any other social media company will have your information via your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and all of the information will be available to them from that source. Using a false name would be one thing but they still know where you search, when you search and what you purchase, what you spend and can access your accounts, credit cards, etc. Look at all of the information that has been hacked via Experian and FB and others. Of course, in the case of FB, they weren't hacked they gave the information to CA for a price.

In the USA we have HIPPA laws to protect our medical information. FB has the information and can track where you go and be able to access all of the sites you visit. Some will say I'm being paranoid. I say when it comes to privacy, why shouldn't I be?

curleytop1 in reply to Mr_Kidney

Thank you for your reply, Mr. Kidney. In view of what you have said, I am now considering whether I shall leave Facebook, but it may be too late to protect any personal information they have about me. I am glad you have given all of us this information - Curleytop1.

Mr_Kidney in reply to curleytop1

I appreciate what you said but my comments were about my choices. Each person has to make their own choices based on what is most important to them. For me, I'm a very private person and am cautious about what information I give out and to whom. It's not just online. I give out even less information over the phone. If I don't call a company they'll never get information from me over the phone.

Is your blood sugar under control? That should be your first priority. Are you limiting or avoiding protein such as red meat? Cutting out dairy products such as cheese and milk? Salt and phosphorous are two ingrediants you need to be very strict about. That means anything that comes in a can or package 95% of the time. Are you only on insulin or a GLP-1 injectable which along with lowering your blood sugars also curbs appetite leading to weight loss. You should be seeing an endocrinologist along with the nephrologist, hopefully in the same system. As Mr. Kidney suggested, keep a log of your labs and see what your kidney function is doing each visit. See if a diet change is having an impact. Sugar, salt, potassium, and phosphorous are all things to be avoided so reading labels is very important and avoiding fast food is a must. Here is a site that can help you understand more:

My husband has diabetes and CKD. I have CKD. There are times when he does not eat what I am able to eat, so I understand your dilemna. When he went with me to see the dietitian at the hospital, he actually got more out of it than I did because she was a diabetic dietitian.

I would try very hard to find a dietitian who is knowledgable about both. That lacking, there are many renal dietitians with sites on the internet, and I am sure, there will be many who work with people who have both diabetes and CKD. However, it is also important that you do your own research as well. Until you know more about both diseases, you are not able to ask the right questions.

I have been diagnosed 2 years ago as CKD level 3 and put on a renal diet along with exercise. Just recently have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic (on the new scale), and with diabetic retinopathy by Ophthalmologist who fortunately has a specialty in diabetic eye condition. I will be watching other posts on CKD and Type 2 Diabetes. The retinopathy has stabilized.

I hope you have eliminated all sugar and grain -🤢 and only eat simple pure - more alkaline diet and you should reel this in

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