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Kidney function dropping fast


I was diagnosed with CKD in Dec 2016, unfortunately my kidney function is dropping fast, it was 33 in June 2017 but the blood tests I had last week have shown it’s now dropped to 18. Not due to see my consultant for another couple of weeks so just wondering what happens next? If anyone can share their experiences? In general I feel absolutely fine although I do find I get tired very easily some days. Any help or advice would be much appreciated

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oh its really my condition 2015 my gfr was 50 now its 30.& i don't know why droop my gfr.i suggest drink more water,fresh vegetable & fruit.

Hi, have you changed your diet?, exercise routine? These things can slow the progression. I have been stage 5 at least 2 1/2 years now. If you watch your phosphorous, potassium, protein, it will help you. I have an app on my phone where I put in what I eat every day to make sure I stay under the allowed amounts. I also walk over a mile a day and take many supplements. Hope this helps. Prayers for you. God can do anything.

Hidden in reply to Bunkin

Hi what is the app that you use?

Bunkin in reply to Hidden

It's called kidney Appetitite

lowraind in reply to Bunkin

You did not mention it, but also need to control sodium intake.

Bunkin in reply to lowraind

So true, I don't have high sodium so I didn't think of it!

Hi Wendy

Sorry to hear about your kidney function. I have ckd and my function improved hugely after Thyroid was treated. Do you have a thyroid problem? Xx

Hi, I would ask doctor to do like an ultrasound on your kidneys. That could show something going on. One of mine was swollen. I saw in wcreen what I thought looked as they describe stone. They said no, but I did have a 6 mm stone that dropped down low and was extremely painful. Somehow I passed it on my own before surgery but didn’t know it. Doctor went in for it, looked around at kidney and put in a stint which helps me pee more. He feels like the stone had been in there wreaking havoc. My numbers are low, but thank God one kidney is functioning 100 %. Meds, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sodium, potassium, pain killers, also stomach meds can potentially cause damage. I would start there based on my experience. I now make sure I get at least 100 oz of water a day. Many supplements can also cause damage. It takes a lot of reading to somewhat figure it out.

kwikc in reply to Sally10255


You mention "stomach meds." Do you mean stuff like Zantac?

What supplements have you read about that might cause damage?

Any teas in that category?

All I can say is that it is a pain in the arse to watch everything.

Sally10255 in reply to kwikc

Yes meds like Zantac. I don’t take any supplements, I read about tea not being good but I don’t drink enough to worry. I don’t take any vitamins, pretty much dairy free, but feel healthier than I ever have. I have eaten low carb for quite awhile so that part was easy.

hi iv had a transplant which was very start workup for transplant at 16 egfr..not sure what age you are..but dont lose hope...avoid very low fat diet is good.avoid red is good..try not to get stressed will make bloodpressure high..lower weight if above 26 bmi..try to smilegood for you take care...chris

I'm not sure if you just sent this message about the app I use. If so, I use kidneyAPPetite to track my food intake to watch phosphorous, potassium, etc. the program I purchased was the kidney disease solution which cost about 53.00 I think. That's where I got all my supplements to take as well as establishing exercise routine. Hope this helps you. You're in my prayers.

My gfr is down to 16 and I'm waiting for a transplant. I've been really strict with my diet since last year when my level was at 22 but it hasn't stopped the decline. My consultant says the gfr can vary slightly from day to day but doesn't usually go back up much once your at stage 4-5 ckd.

Similarly my EGFR has dropped to 18 and I recently saw my nephrologist with a kidney surgeon who examined me and said once my function drops to 15, I could be put on a transplant list. I have recently had blood tests for blood and tissue type but haven’t heard anything. My husband has also said that he’d be willing to be a live donor. I’m hoping that if I had a transplant with my husbands kidney, I won’t need dialysis.

The nephrologist estimates I’ve probably got 1 year to go before EGFR drops to 15.

Hope this helps and I’m presuming you’ve been to an education meeting about types of dialysis.

Like yourself I feel tired sometimes. Luckily I’ve got a sympathetic employer who says I should self isolate. I was teaching 2 days per week.

Take care and best wishes.

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