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New Sensor: DEXCOM

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Yesterday, I had changed the sensor since it was the 10th day of the session.

In the early morning hours, I was woken up by the alarm on the receiver because there was Signal Loss.

When there was Signal Loss, I had tried to do a blood test, but it wasn’t possible to at the time since the monitor for my test kit stopped working even after replacing the batteries. Unfortunately, nothing happened after the battery change was done, so I couldn’t know if a number ( when there was one later) was correct.

I called the Tech Support for the monitor and I got a message on the phone saying that they were closed on weekends, so I will have to call them tomorrow afternoon. Luckily, I had gone to the Pharmacy and was given an upgrade monitor. Also, it’s lucky that the new monitor uses the same strips as the old monitor.

2 Replies
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Thanks for posting your update.

You mentioned being upgraded to a new monitor, which was is it? Is the performance better?


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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

The monitor I have has big print on the screen for the blood sugar to be seen with no issues.

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