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New Sensor 12-14-2021

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On December 14th, the old sensor was removed after dinner and worked very good for the 10 days. There was a few times that the alarms went off, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been at the time. There were two times the Signal Loss alarm went off during the night while I was sleeping.

A few days later, I was woken up by the alarm on the receiver for going under 80 mg/dl. When this happened, I had a snack before breakfast.

With the new sensor, it’s been working well so far. No worries about anything, yet. I’m hoping this continues as the way it is going so far.

More to come soon. Watch this page.

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This is good news Leah. Things do seem to be getting better with your DEXCOM just recently. Let's hope it's a whole new trend! 👍😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Callendersgal

I hope so too, Sue. It would be great to have less worry about when it comes to the sensors.😀👍👍

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