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New Sensor: 5-1-2021: DEXCOM

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Hi everyone. Here’s the update for what happened last night (5-1-2021).

The sensor from 4-24-2021 kept having issues every few times each day. There was a lot of times yesterday when the sensor kept alarming and saying that it was sensor error. The other issues were with the arrows and the numbers (when there were readings). The last time there was sensor error, I called and requested for a free sensor replacement to be sent to me. That replacement is going to be sent 3-5 business days. I will see what happens in the next few days and let you know when I get the replacement.

The new sensor I inserted is doing okay so far. I’m keeping my eye on it and see what happens with it in the next few days.

Have a good morning/afternoon/evening and stay happy, healthy and safe! 😀👍🌈

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I hope it's okay 👍

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Luna_Child

Thank you! So far, so good! Had a small snack early this morning before 6 am.


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