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Anyone had the vaccine?


Has anyone had the COVID vaccine because of their diabetes, I’m 25 and a carer for my grandparents because my grandad has dementia and my Nan has bronchitis and is on the clinically high risk, because neither can drive I’ve been doing shopping and everything. I haven’t heard anything about. Vaccine and have type 2 diabetes but also last time I spoke to my doctor he said I might be a slow burning type 1. Been waiting ages but have heard nothing. My dads 65 and has diabetes and my mums 61 and has asthma. What do we do. I’ve tried emailing the local councilor asking them this but they aren’t at all helpful in the slightest, I’m constantly putting myself at risk daily waiting for the vaccine.

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I am type 2 with PMR which means I have to take steroids which suppress my immune system. I am 67 and have just had the call. My vaccination is Sunday. Have you tried speaking to your G P as my text came from my G P surgery

we are priority group 6 (16 to 64 with underlying health problems) so presumably we will be called up as soon as its possibleI hope this link helps

I am diabetic type 2 but also have other conditions that make me clinically Vulnerable. I would suggest that if you believe that you and your family are also clinically vulnerable, you contact your GP, perhaps a telephone consultation because this is where the Department of Health and Social Care gets their information. I hope that helps.

This may interest you. I now know a few 60 + people who have been called since your post. Including me. My daughter is 37 with MS and had a jab

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