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I've run out of Metformin

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Hi, I'm new here. I've had diabetes type 2 for about8 years. I take Metformin twice a day and I forgot to get my repeat prescription. It's Saturday evening & I can't get to my doctor until Monday. Has anyone else been in this position? I'm not sure if I need to be worried about it.

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Can you call the doctor's office and ask for a prescription to be written or sent by fax to a pharmacy?

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youbaba in reply to Activity2004

I can do that on Monday to get a prescription straight away. I don't want to call the locum unless it's urgent and I doubt that it's that urgent. I'm just a bit worried because it hasn't happened to me before. All I really need is advice but since NHS direct closed I don't know who to ask.

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I349934 in reply to youbaba

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saannie25 in reply to I349934

how long does it take to receive it, once you order it?

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McCords in reply to youbaba

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Marlene46 in reply to McCords

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eleand in reply to Activity2004

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Guessing you have an out of hours service..like a drop in centre. Or call nhs direct they r best place to advise....I take insulin at bedtime and as its gestational it's taken a few weeks to get the right dose....I nearly ran out never been prescribed so much stuff ever!

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youbaba in reply to Vigdis101

Unfortunately NHS direct has closed. The new number is 111 but it seems to be for more urgent cases.

However, I've been looking up Metformin and it looks as if it won't be too bad if I only miss for a couple of days so I'll wait until Monday and get my doctor to e-mail the prescription to the pharmacy. I feel a fool for forgetting it. Perhaps it's old age setting in.

Thanks for your reply.

Best solution!

Take only fats as the breakdown of the same does not need any insulin. It will breakdown as ketones and utilized for energy.

Strike off carbs totally till u get the pills

Proteins minimal as it also breaks down as sugars after 2 hrs.

Try the keto diet and be safe from sugar spikes till u get the metformin tabs

All the best.

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gabby7112000 in reply to

I suggest boiled eggs, vegetables, and lean meat and a brisk walk after every meal for 15 minutes. that is equivalent to metformin.

youbaba I would have thought that after 8 years you would have enough Metformin "whizzing" around your system to last a couple of days. Their leaflet says under If you forget to take Metformin "Do not take a double dose - if you miss a dose take the next one at the usual time" and it will only be a couple of days.

I hope you manage to get sorted tomorrow.

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cafenitro in reply to clivealive

Boiled? Ugh. Make an Omelette with some budda. lol

If you go to your regular chemist they can normally provide you with a pack in lieu of the prescription. If you still have an empty metformin box boots will help you.

i would not worry about it. Just wait until Monday to get them. Just eat as healthy as possible which you should be doing anyway.

It's OK just eat light keep check on your numbers before and after meals. I missed 2 days before I was fine. If your diabetes is under control you will be fine.

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Hopefully you've been able to speak with your GP or Pharmacist by now and have got a repeat prescription of your Metformin. If this happens again I would suggest going to your local supermarket. Most of them are open 24 hours and have in house pharmacies. Most areas also have a Boots night pharmacy. You should find out where your nearest one is and get their contact details. Do you put your repeat prescription in so you have an overlap of medication? This may also be a good habit to get into, always making sure you have plenty of Metformin to cover you for any eventuality. Good luck :-)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Moonie-man

That's what I was thinking. Somewhere like the CVS OR TARGET.

Hello Youbaba. If it where me I would not panic & keep right off all carbs etc. T2 your pancreas could sill be working quite well but high carbs are not good. Be active & go out for walks etc. Good luck

I have been in your situation and was told not to miss any GP appointment and to get my Metformin and Mintglyclozide (sic) refills each and every time. After a friend of mine almost died of renal failure due to her D2, it didn't take me much to convince me. My recent numbers are much better (6.7) and my GP is happy. So am I. It's just a tip. Good luck with your D2.

correction : I didn't need more to be convinced.


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cafenitro in reply to

Because Metformin has been names as a life-extension drug in combo with HGH and DHEA

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