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Don’t know if this is aloud...


Hello everybody, this is just a question for a bit of advice really. What it is, lately i’ve been becoming increasingly more thirsty and going to the bathroom frequently and instantly i thought it’s diabetes. Now my dad, uncles and grandad have all got a mixture of type one and two, sadly my uncle passed away with type one last year. So i decided to test my blood sugars on my dads machine and it came up as 10.8mmol. Now i haven’t been diagnosed but i had a blood test roughly about 6/7 months ago possibly longer, to test my HbA1c and it came back absolutely fine. Just wondering if somebody could give me any guidance. Thank you for your time.

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Hi and welcome to the group, Jemm_beth99. Thank you for introducing yourself to the rest of the group. Please feel free to continue posting and commenting anytime, read other comments and postings that the other members have posted, take a look at the Topics/Events/Polls/Pinned Posts sections for information and suggestions/ideas. Also, please check out the DRWF’s free leaflets from the website at:

Each leaflet is free to download, read and/or listen to anytime. Please show the information to your doctor.

I hope this helps!😀👍🌈

Brilliant i shall have a look now see if that can help me, but please feel free if you have any suggestions i would be more than happy to listen. Thank you☺️

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jemm_beth99

Did a doctor suggest that you count carbs. for meals/snacks?

Nope they didn’t mention anything what so ever. It just out of curiosity at the minute, just with it being 10.8 i just thought maybe that may have been too high for someone who hasn’t been diagnosed.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jemm_beth99

If you multiply 18 and 10.8, you get 196.6. This is higher than normal for a nonDiabetic. What do you usually eat/drink during the day?

I usually have chicken breast fillets, potatoes and white rice. And for drink i will have either sugar free coke or sugar free flavoured water. I am very fussy with what i eat, that’s literally what i have to eat ever single day, boring i know hahaha.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jemm_beth99

Do you like sweet potatoes and brown rice? Both have less carbs. than the regular potatoes and white rice.

Unfortunately not, like i said i am such a fussy eater🙈. It’s just confusing me as i can’t go to my doctors as with covid-19 it’s shut, plus i’m shielding also so i can’t go out anywhere. So puzzled on what to do.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jemm_beth99

Do you have a way to have a virtual appointment?

Yes i think my gp’s offer that, but the only way to confirm diagnosis is blood test isn’t it? I mean i’m no doctor but i do work in a hospital. You would think i would know hey hahah.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jemm_beth99

Can you please get a doctor to give you lab orders and you can do the blood drawing at your hospital/lab?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I’m currently not working at the moment as i am shielding. Don’t worry about it that’s absolutely fine. If they continue to rise then i will have to ring my doctor and see what they advise. Thank you so much for your help!!

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jemm_beth99

You’re welcome! I’m glad I can help. Keep a blood sugar result diary for when you get to talk to your doctor and let them know each result.

MissKota in reply to Jemm_beth99

District nurses may do a home visit to take blood.

Activity2004, could you explain the equation you used 18x10.8?

Is the 18 a base number?


A non diabetic having 10.8 reading is worrying, her GP needs to monitor closely as if this creeps higher her thirst and toilet release will become worse.


Type1 for 44yrs.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Dickydon

18 multiplied by the number on the monitor you use for testing the blood sugars. This is how you can convert mmol to mg/dl results.😀👍🌈

I use a Libre Sensor, the one attached to your arm no more finger pricks.

But want to know where the number 18 comes from?

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Dickydon

There’s a website that can convert mmol to mg/dl results and they use the number 18 for the figures.

I have to be honest with this carb counting stuff. Either I’m not disciplined enough or just too blasè about it. I find if I want a snack of something whatever time whenever, some salmon slices, hommous, or cream cheese on a cracker I’ll have about 5-6 of them or less or more depends how peckish I feel so you can’t really or accurately account for the exact amount of carbs your going to eat etc... then you might have dinner hour or two later or not at all.

I just can’t become regimented about set times for breakfast, lunch, dinner. As a tv location cameraman, these regimented rules that people follow don’t exist in my world and one of the reasons I didn’t go down the insulin pump route because of the carb counting scenarios and neither was it compatible with my work. There are days when you may not have access to a decent meal let alone count your carbs.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Dickydon

I have type 1, but I don’t use an insulin pump, either. I use insulin pens with screw on needles 3-4 times a day. I use my CGM 24/7 and I also do a low carb high protein diet along with eating gluten free. I count carbs. so I don’t take too little or too much insulin. Too much can lower the blood sugars. Too little can raise them too high.😀👍🌈

I hope my explanation helps.😀👍

Hello -- welcome to group.

Good to know your age and BMI.

Yes, heridity/genetics does play a role --but only 30% --

I suggest you take sugar readings

five to seven times a day for next 10 days -- so you can show to doctor.

Morming when you wakeup, one hour after breakfast, before lunch, two hours after lunch, before dinner, two hours after dinner and at bedtime.

Dont have to switch to sweet potato

Just cut down portions -- cutting carbs has good healthy effects even for non fiabetics. Check

LCHF diet in "" Diabetes India ""


If overweight -- try to cut some weight

Increase exercises -- walking, stair climbing and light weigjt lifting.

Chevk A1C

Koalajane in reply to Fatbuddy

when did you test your blood and when and what had you eaten before testing your blood? This is all important to know.

By the way I went to my doctors about a month ago for my blood test and everything was done very carefully to protect from the virus.

Get your bloods checked out with your doctor or a local chemist better to be safe good luck. Paul


We also have a podcast available on many platforms called Living with Diabetes. It's also on our website, It includes chats with lots of people, healthcare professionals, information about diet and exercise etc. 6 Episodes so far so something for everyone we hope.

Is this fasting or how long after meal

Top limit for fastin is 7 and 2hr after meal think its 10

They typically like to do multiple tests and follow up test to confirm diabetes dx

Youre number is not outrageous but may be a level for concern depending when you ate

So follow up

Even if you don't have prediabetes now, you don't want to keep having blood glucose that high. The golden rule is that if blood glucose is high, you don't need to eat as much carbohydrate . Normal blood glucose two hours after eating needs to be below 7.8 mmol/l.

I suggest you talk to your GP by phone about yor symptoms to either put your mind at rest or get help.

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