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Wondering and scared


Last August I had a A1c of 6.1 but a fasting blood glucose of 128 my doctor dismissed My fasting blood glucose and labeled me a pre-diabetic based upon my A1c .Since that time I've lost 50 lb my A1C has gone down to 5.7 and my fasting blood glucose second test six months later was 99 my random glucoses in the six months in between were 113, 97, 115 and 120 an hour and a half after a high carb meal I'm just wondering if I'm truly diabetic based upon that one bad fasting glucose that I had

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Doesn't seem too much to be worried or scared about Barnhouse. It is pretty well publicised these days that pre-diabetes, even full type 2 diabetes in some people can be reversed with diet and exercise. Important to stay in control of good BMI, diet and exercise anyway. Sounds like you have been going in the right direction with losing 50lbs. If I were you I would try to minimise high carb meals and keep a more balanced diet. Blood glucose will vary in most people through the day and depending on what you eat. Keep up the good work.

As Boabphil said, there is not much to worry about. Your current blood sugar numbers are in normal range. After losing weight, you have become more insulin sensitive and hence your fasting BS has also improved.

Anyway, diabetes is never diagnosed based on single fasting glucose number. The test has to be repeated to confirm high blood sugar.

Your HbA1c is towards high normal. That means you have to be little careful with your diet. Reducing the dietary carb intake is the most effective way to keep blood sugar low. I hope in the next three months your HbA1c drops further following low carb lifestyle.

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Praveen, could I have had true diabetes six months ago that will now stay with me for life and eventually progress to horrible things like blindness or can even prediabetic people have a fasting blood sugar like I did in August? Thank you for your response

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You have already proved that your conditions are not progressive by reversing the blood glucose numbers to non-diabetic range. If it was progressive, your blood glucose levels would have moved upwards somewhat in six months. It really does not matter if at the first diagnosis, you were diabetic or pre-diabetic or more appropriately had impaired fasting blood glucose. Now your numbers are in non-diabetic range without any medications which means you have successfully reversed your conditions.

Having said that, you should continue to follow healthy diet and lifestyle. Limiting carb in the diet is the key to maintaining good blood sugar level.

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