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No sleep? try no metformin

Hi all

I have been diabetic since 2004 on insulin and metformin. for some time (about 3 months) I have been unable to sleep due to muscular pain. 10 days ago I decided not to take my bedtime metformin and had an amazing sleep. This was continued since then and have been sleeping well. Has anyone else on night metformin been finding it difficult to sleep? if so why not try discontinuing the night dose just as a test. 2 hours was best I could manage when taking it, last night I slept for six hours and felt wonderful next day.

bye for now

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Have you consulted with your doctor about not taking the night time dose of metformin?


Do you mean the doctor who 42 years ago when I had a serious depression episode prescribed an antidepressant medication which made me permanently impotent?

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Please check your private messages. I sent a message now. It's okay! :-)


Have been on metformin 1500mg a day since I was diagnosed a few years ago .

Never had any side effects. But then, my

new gp put me on a new (for me) med called mint - gliclazide and that's when the problem started: I haven't slept for days now and had to increase my intake of mirtazapine/chlonazepam/zoloft, which is not a genius idea. So, I understand what you're going thru.

Unfortunately, I have come to realize now that nobody is gonna fix my problem. Sorry to sound so damn negative. I am just awfully tired.

Am in Seattle right now and am getting ready to fly to London in about two weeks, which isn't gonna help.

Sorry, I digress.


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I have been on metformin for 14 years with no problem. a night irritation started abut 3 months ago and I did everything to try and cope with it- showers, soft drinks, tea, extra pain killers, walking around, driving, asking for sleeping drug, everything possible. Then I looked at what I was taking at 12pm - pain killers and 1 metformin. Logic says if its a drug it has to be met' so I tried stopping it and I had a fantastic nights sleep, and so it continued night after night. Now that's good enough for me. I don't need by the book pill pushers. remember its your nights sleep not the docs. All that is needed is to watch your sugar levels. I take a long lasting 1 injection per day insulin and increasing from 32 units to 35 coped with the lack of met' in fact one morning I was 4.9 and 6.0 the next morning, what could be better?


I have taken metformin since 1984. I ran out one weekend last March, and spent the weekend without. I felt wonderful, I was not tired, and felt full of energy. I went to my diabetes clinic, and they put me on BYDUREON, which is a once weekly injection, plus 16 units of insulin in the morning, and 12 in the evening. This keeps my blood sugar within acceptable levels. I have spent 24 years feeling knackered because of metformin.


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