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It's Sunday!: New Sensor Today

Okay, today is Sunday. The old sensor made it through the entire week and part of today! I'm amazed that that was possible since the old sensor started acting odd and seemed like it had been going wonky. Wonky, meaning going up one minute and then give a lower number the next without me doing a calibration at times. Not good if you ask me.

During the day yesterday, the system was okay. A few days ago, i had been woken up because the numbers were going below 80 mg/dl before morning and breakfast. Not sure what caused that to happen, but it was taken care of with some food and juice so I could go back to sleep for the next few hours left.

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Pleased ! Put the Lottery on & you might be on a wining week. Its about time you had some good luck Activity !

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Thank you for the great reply.. I really appreciate it very much.😀

I hope the new sensor works after today ( I had a flu shot this afternoon). The numbers are going all over the place on the DEXCOM. This is different from the last time I was given a flu shot last year. Not happy about this.

I had an appointment with my Endocrinologist today and was not happy about the result of my A1c. I have a feeling that the lab didn’t do the test correctly. I even had asked my Endocrinologist about this specifically. I don’t know why it was 9.9 even after I had been eating low carb high protein and been using the DEXCOM for the 3 years now.


Hi , I know I am naughty but I keep clear of flu jabs. Years ago I had a Phumonia jab. Weeks later I got phumonia ,passed it on to my wife & then my 3yr old son ! We where at a local hospital & looking at the X-ray of son & he had 1 lung FULL & other 3/4 FULL. If it was not for the fantastic Drs at the Freeman hosp . He is now 6ft 3 & very fit. Kids ?


They can get over certain things faster than adults.

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