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Update: DEXCOM


Sorry this is a little later than I had planned, but I was really busy this week. Today was the only day I was able to sit down and start typing the update for you all. :-) I promise, next week's update will be not so late.

The old sensor that had been replaced was acting a little odd, but not as bad as some other sensors that I had used in the past, so that's great. At one point, the system thought I had been out of range, but I was in the same area/room/distance. Not sure what caused that to happen, but it worked out okay in the end.

The sensor I'm using right now also had the out of range issue, but that came back in the middle of the night (when I was sleeping). Odd thing, I never heard the alarm for out of range buzzing. My parents said that they came to my bedroom and heard the alarm, but I slept right through it. This was a few days ago.

Today at the center, I had done my blood test for lunch and it turned out that I had to do a calibration before starting to eat. The numbers were not in the 20% area. That's fine. But, can someone explain to me why the system asked me to recalibrate 30 minutes later after eating and before I had to go and do my lunch shot?? This was really odd and not at all necessary. I'm not going to wait until 12:30 tomorrow morning to calibrate. I don't want to be woken up saying that it has to be done at that time of night. I'm hoping the sensor is not going to have more issues closer to the weekend/early Monday morning. I want this sensor to last as long as it's suppose to without any other issues. Will let you all know more when I can.

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Really good luck this week Activity. I will keep my pinkies crossed for you.

in reply to HOBIEONE

Thank you!😀👍 I really appreciate that!😀

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