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Hello all,

This is my first post as I've just been diagnosed pre-diabetic. I have a lot of type 2 in the family. I'm male, 68, fit, not overweight, good balanced diet, don't drink, don't smoke.

I was put on Sukkarto 500mg x 1 a day last week, and feel a bit funny sometimes. Guess that's my sugar level dropping and me not being used to it or whatever.

Question 1 :: Is there a simple way I can measure my blood sugar preferably without pricking myself? I like to go about things fairly scientifically and would like to know what it is since taking the pills and also when I feel funny, as maybe low sugar is the cause.

Question 2 :: I've looked at dietary advice online and there's quite a range of differing views. Can anyone recommend any particular source of information.

Thank you


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Hi Cyrtis

If you want to know your blood glucose levels then unfortunately you have to prick your fingers, in all honesty you get used to it so quickly it becomes second nature. I’ve been type1 for 22 years and barely notice these days. Your other option is an FGM (flash glucose monitor) you apply a sensor to your arm (do have to press it through the skin) and then wave the device over the sensor, these are however very expensive and not as reliable at the moment as a finger prick.

Regarding your diet options, most type2’s are raving about LCHF (low carb high fat) or the Keto diet & some swear by the results

Here’s a comprehensive diet guide from, it includes the following categories:

Diet for type 1 diabetes

Diet for type 2 diabetes

5:2 diet

Acid-alkaline diet

Atkins diet

Carbohydrates and diabetes

DASH diet

Detox diet

Dukan diet

Gluten free diet

Glycemic index diet (GI diet)

Glycemic load

Ketogenic diet

Low calorie diet

Low carb diet

Low carb high fat diet

Low fat diet

Meal replacement diet plans

Mediterranean diet

Newcastle study diet

NHS diet advice

Paleolithic diet

Raw food diet

South beach diet

Vegan diet

Vegetarian diet

Very low calorie diet

Zone diet

I hope this can help you on your journey, don’t best yourself up too much if you’re levels are a little bit awry for a while. A diagnosis is never easy but you’ll learn quickly and it’s inortant to be kind to yourself when it all feels like it’s too much.

Good luck :)

MEJones in reply to MEJones

More on the freestyle libre FGM:

Please note that if you choose to go down this route, that currently they aren’t selling them direct, due to a huge supply issue. This is because some NHS trusts have just made them available on prescription so this has put a strain on the supply.

Cyrtis in reply to MEJones

That's interesting, I've registered and will wait till they become more available.

Thank you


HOBIEONE in reply to MEJones

I adore my Freestyle Libre . The info you can get off them is amazing. Graphs of 24hour & 2 weeks. You can see when you have a bad day & learn for the next week.

Welcome Cyrtis. Please keep active as you are. If it where me, LOW CARB is the way if I was T2. Carbs do the damage in my 52yrs of T1. Finger blood tests are the best way but when I was young it was urine tests. Not up to date & off 3 hours before ? Keep at it.

Cyrtis in reply to HOBIEONE

Thanks, I've gone onto a low carb diet as well, only been on it a week so far but doing OK. I quite like the diet as well as it tends to involve the foods I prefer, for a change!

Well done. That's the way to do it ! Everything you pick up from the supermarket has a bag of sugar in it.???

A Freestyle LIBRE IS A FAB BIT OF KIT. Have got some good info from them.

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