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I was diagnosed about a year ago with diabetes type 1, at 18 years.

Im worried about my blood sugar and I have a question.

Is it normal for the honeymoon period to come and go? My diabetes went away after a month of insulin. I stopped taking insulin and after half a year it came back after an infection for about 1 week. Then it disappeared again for 2 months. Now it came back for 1 day and went away.

What could this be? Im so scared it could be a brain tumour that caused my blood sugar levels to raise and it never was diabetes :( Has anyone hear of this? Could it be the case???

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Please consult with your doctor about the issue. Ask for an appointment for next week. Please let us know what you find out.


Hello Catarina, as you say it is a bit odd. To me that sounds a bit like T2. T1 your pancreas does not work where T2 it can work a certain %. Good luck


I know! Im not overweight or anything but I did use to stress a lot and not go out. But they ran a GAD test on me which was positive. Can it still be T2 if GAD is positive? (If you know of this test)

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is there a history of diabetes in your family? - there are actually several types of diabetes - MODY variants (which is due to a a dominant gene - hence the question about family history) has some sub-types that are very low level so can seem to come and go - it is closer to type 1 - impaired insulin production - than type 2 (insulin resistant).


as others say - you need to consult with your doctor.


Diabetes does not run in my family no :/

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I am type 2 diabetic and stress is the main trigger for me. Also if I am ill my sugar can be sky high when I have been unable to eat for days. I was diagnosed the year my mum was ill and died then the dog died and then my mum in law who I was really fond of. All this time I was struggling sing!e handed with a fast changing job where others doing exactly the same job has three people in post. I know that now I have retired I could banish it altogether if I could only get out and exercise but now I cannot because of my husband's problems.


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