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I wish I wasnt the only one in the world :-(


I am one of the strangest diabetics doctors have met.. I am one of a kind and I wish it wasnt like that.

No doctor has an answer to my question and it scares me.

I was diagnosed 1 year ago at the age of 18 (T1) and Im not on any medication, no insulin, nothing. But my GAD test will always show that I am a type 1 diabetic. I had all the tests but no one can figure out whats going on.

I get high sugars sometimes and then it goes away.

Sometimes I get too low sugar levels without taking any insulin.

I need support... I feel like I cant live like this. I feel so lost...

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Have you tried looking into genetic possibilities - there are a number of MODY variants - some of which cause very intermittent symptoms. These variants are dominant gene so run in the family but as some can go undetected it is possible because the effect is so intermittent/small, it would be possible that it wasn't picked up.

Catahrina in reply to Gambit62

I’ll suggest it to my doctor, thank you!!

Gambit62 in reply to Catahrina

some articles on MODY




Catahrina in reply to Gambit62

I checked them out but they say there should be no antibodies such as GAD which I have :/


Let's know your reports/results for your tests.

Catahrina in reply to suramo


Catahrina in reply to Catahrina

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean. What tests?

suramoStar in reply to Catahrina

Let your doctor decide. There has to be a cause we might be unaware of. Also try to correlate your hypoglycemia with your diet.

Catahrina in reply to suramo

We have done all tests. And yes I’m trying to focus more on my diet :-)

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Catahrina

Have you tried a low carb high protein diet?

My blood sugar is normal no matter what I eat so I’m not making my diet a big deal.

Try being T1 since 1966. ? Believe it or not things are miles better theses days.

How are you doing two years on?

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