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Hi everyone I’m new here. I do not have diabetes but I keep getting signs of low blood sugar?whenever I tell the doctor they just dismiss it. I get shaky a lot and today I was sat down and felt like a weird sensation in my body followed by feeling like I’d gone sweaty, I wasn’t actually sweating and it went away within two minutes. I do suffer from anxiety but I’m so scared I have low blood sugar that every time I get a little hungry I’m shoving food in my mouth!! I don’t know what to do anymore :(

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Did you check your blood sugar immediately after you were sweating?

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Keep a food, activity and symptom diary for a couple of weeks. See if there’s a pattern. Then go back to the GP with your evidence. A lot of people suffer from hypos who are not diabetic. Look at the type of carbs you’re eating and do some research into the glycemic index. This give you a guide on how slow or fast carbs are used by the body. You may just need to have more slow acting carbs to keep your BG level. Good luck.


Have you tried to eat more protein, Lf955? For me, I eat low carb and high protein. I find this keeps my blood sugars even through the day.


Hello, Anyone can have low blood sugar, If a marathon runner ran he needs to eat something like a banana to recover.


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