Dexcom G5 or Freestyle it worth it?

I've been seeing this new CGM (Continuous Glucose Meters) that plots and forecasts the blood sugar rise or fall in your body. The System is so promising but the cost of maintenance is really high. I hope they would think of other millions out there who has T1D with low income and is somehow incapable of buying this new technology.

Another product is Freestyle Libre a bit cheaper but will drain your budget as well. They have the most-awaited features to offer but average T1Ds like me caould not afford.


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  • My new meter will arrive sometime this week, I don’t want a flash new meter that tells me about my blood glucose over the past eight days, my meter will tell me my blood glucose reading at the time I take it and I will adjust my insulin accordingly. 😀

  • Hi ProsPerry,

    Please check your private messages. I've sent you a note right now. It's okay.

  • We struggle to pay for the Libre but make sacrifices else where. I have been a diabetic over 30 years and the Libre has been the first thing that has made a real difference to my life.

  • Thanks for the encouragement AoifeMcC!... I will buy my Freestyle Libre this week and will be back to share how it helped me.

  • I was one of the first in the UK to own a Freestyle Libre. In my 50th year of T1 I climbed up Scar-Fell Pike. It was sunny when I set off & then lots & lots of rain. I would not have been able to do finger stick tests & thanks to the Libre I had perfect Bg. If I am going on holiday or doing something different V Good. Gives you 24hr graphs of bg. Good toy !

  • Thanks Hobieone...I might start to use it this week. Will give you feedback on it.

  • Hi All

    I have been on a pump for 3years gone back to pens last 2months controlling pretty much the same on a pension now and finding pump consumables getting to expensive now L personly think it is a money making racket should be made cheaper for us as I was on an Animas Vibe and they are closing down in USA and Canada I live in Australia they say it's all good here but for how long I cannot get another pump for another year so that's another reason for going back to pens.

  • Did you use a CGM, Snips?

  • Nope. I have no idea about it yet.

  • Please check your private messages, ProsPerry. Just sent one now.

  • Hi Snips, wild wild horses would not get my pump off me ! After more than 51yrs of T1 & many injections its a new lease of life to me. Nothings perfect but my Medtronic 640 helps. The new one is on my shopping list that runs by itself.

  • If you google the Freestyle Libre, you will see that from November it is now available for free on prescription. I tried to put an article link here but was not allowed.

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