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Hi everyone I would really appreciate some advice or thoughts on my situation as none have been forthcoming from my GP. I had gestational diabetes and failed a gtt follow up test. Fasting bloods 4.0 but at 2 hours 8.1. GP did a Hab1c and it came back as 31. I am assuming I have pre diabetes and have chosen to low carb but testing figures seem okay I don't test often but yesterday fbg was 4.4 and at 1 hr was 5.4 after porridge 40g oats and full fat milk was 4.6 at two hours. I think these are alright but don't really know porridge is the only carby meal I eat. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Would you cut out totally all chocolate and alcohol or have some occasionally? Basically how serious is it.

Sorry for loads of questions the silence from my GP means I don't know what to think. Any information or thoughts would be gratefully relieved.

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This is a link to an article on blood sugar levels


The site also has a section on pre-diabetes.

Is there any family history of similar problems? Just wondering if you might have a MODY variant - one is very low level - often goes undetected and is easily managed through diet - there is infomration on all of the types of diabetes on the above site - lot more than just type 1 and 2 that most GPs are aware of.

Porridge is a good food - its a slow release carb - that means that your body takes a while to convert it into sugar so it doesn't produce the blood glucose spikes that you can get with other foods - you might want to look into glycemic index as a way of getting an idea what foods are better than others - you certainly need some carbs in your diet - and the site above also has links to information on diet.

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You can start exploring more about diet and reasons. I went through a whole series of youtube lectures and blogs by Dr Jason Fung and others. You can start with the link below, good luck.



31.1 is a good level as far as I'm concerned! I'm 6.3 which is 42 (I think) and I'm now classed as pre-diabetic! Your best bet is to have a look on the diabetes.org.uk website (also have a facebook page) for up to date information and read up on carbs. Sugar, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc are all carbs and should be eaten in moderation and preferably in wholewheat form. New potatoes are better and less carb heavy than old ones too.

With a fasting glucose of 4 and 8.1 after 2 hours, I would say that's almost normal! Normal levels are now considered to be between 4 and 8, when I was diagnosed it was 4 and 7 so my 7.8 put me over. I still have the odd bit of chocolate, cakes, biscuits and alcohol, its all a matter of moderation and swapping out foods if you want a treat and there's nothing wrong with that :)


Have look at the DRWF leaflet drwf.org.uk/sites/default/f... which might help.


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