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Early Morning and DEXCOM (Temprano en mañana y DEXCOM)

Okay, I'm amazed that I'm not tired and I never took a nap today. I probably should have done that since I was woken up twice this morning because the receiver part of the DEXCOM system was alarming/vibrating because it thought I had been 80 and below the first wake up. The second wake up was when the receiver thought I was 400 and above. Neither of these readings were accurate and I ended up trying to go back to bed so I could get up again at 6:30. I always get up at 6:30 am because of all the medical stuff that has to be done and I don't usually want to be late for work (I had to take the day off).

Bien, me asombro que no sea cansado y nunca tomé una siesta hoy. Probablemente debería haber hecho esto ya que me desperté dos veces esta mañana porque la parte del receptor del sistema DEXCOM alarmante/vibraba porque creía que había sido 80 y debajo del primer se despiertan. La segunda estela consistía en cuando el receptor creía que estaba 400 y encima. Ninguna de estas lecturas era exacta y terminé por tratar de volver para acostarme así podría despertar otra vez en 6:30. Siempre despierto a las 6:30 debido a toda la materia médica que se tiene que hacer y no quiero por lo general llegar tarde al trabajo (tuve que tomar el día libre).

While I was home for the day, I changed the sensor this morning and did the two calibrations to get the new sensor up and working. Lucky me, this new sensor is doing okay. No hiccups to speak of, yet.

Mientras era a casa para el día, cambié el sensor esta mañana e hice las dos calibraciones para despertar el nuevo sensor y funcionamiento. Afortunado mí, este nuevo sensor hace bien. Ningunos hipos para hablar de, aún.

Today, I had to have two snacks during the day since the numbers were getting a little lower than normal for when I'm home. I also did a lot of walking around the house to keep up with the 100 Mile Challenge, but it's odd that the numbers aren't always lower when I go to the center and I do tons of walking around during the day. Not sure what is going on, but I'm sure the DEXCOM is doing what it's suppose to.

Hoy, tuve que tener dos bocados durante el día ya que los números se hacían un poco más bajos que normal para cuando soy a casa. También hice mucho andar alrededor de la casa para mantenerme al corriente del Desafío de 100 millas, pero es raro que los números son no siempre más abajo cuando voy al centro y hago toneladas del andar alrededor durante el día. No seguro lo que continúa, pero estoy seguro que el DEXCOM hace lo que es suponen a.

More news to come soon. Enjoy the rest of the day/evening! Keep on reading!

Más noticias para venir pronto. ¡Disfrute del resto del día/tarde! ¡Siga leyendo!

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You had two false alarms that night. What is your first step ? Do you measure your bs with glucometer every time you get an alarm ? How many pricks do you do in 24 hrs ? It's said by doctors that too many pricks daily or over days can thrombose the capillaries in fingertips. At least the fingertips can become fibrosed. No. I'm not scaring you but want to know if you have any such or some other incidences.

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Test when I see the results are unusually low or high. If there's a big difference, then I will calibrate at the time.

I've been testing my blood sugar for many years. I have tested about 6-8 times a day, but it depends on the number and how I feel. Same with if the system is needing. You are supposed to calibrate 2 times a day usually.



By "test " do you mean with glucometer ? A prick ?

How do you caliberate ?

Which glucometer do you use ? What is the cost in US ? Covered under insurance ?


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