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New Sensor Today: DEXCOM (Nuevo sensor hoy: DEXCOM)

Today, I had replaced the sensor from last week and put a new one in this morning before heading to work. So far, so good the new sensor has been working except for one time before dinner tonight. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Hoy, había sustituido el sensor a partir de la semana pasada y había puesto nuevo uno esta mañana antes de dirigirme para trabajar. Hasta ahora, bien el nuevo sensor ha estado trabajando excepto un tiempo antes de la comida esta noche. No demasiado mal si realmente digo tan yo mismo.

Last night, before getting ready for bed, I had to have my bed time snack, test and shot earlier than I normally do because the old sensor thought I had been dropping lower than I had been lately. So, along with my normal bed time bar, I had a yogurt on the side. This tends to help when the numbers are lower at night time.

Anoche, antes de prepararme para la cama, tuve que tener mi bocado del tiempo de la cama, prueba y tiro antes que normalmente hago porque el viejo sensor creía que me había estado cayendo más abajo que había sido últimamente. De este modo, junto con mi barra del tiempo de la cama normal, tenía un yogur en el lado. Esto tiende a ayudar cuando los números son más bajos en el tiempo de noche.

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I wish good luck to you.

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Thank you for saying this! I really appreciate it.



Thanks for your Dexcom update. Is a yoghurt a suitable night time snack when blood sugars are a bit high? I ask because last week I had a morning hypo (3.9) but my pre-bed blood sugar reading was quite high (just over 11) and so, I didn't bother with a night time snack. In the past you advised me to multiply my bedtime blood readings by 18 and if the reading was less than 100 to have a carbohydrate and protein snack and if it is over 100 to just have a protein snack. My bedtime readings tend to be over 100 so I've had some cheese and nuts and when I did try a couple of oat cakes with cheese my morning blood sugars were still high.

TT x


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