Finger Issues

Well, I'm going to my doctor this afternoon for the follow-up appointment for the infected left pointer finger. I'm hoping that the doctor tells me that I can stop the medication for it. There are only a few pills left.

When I go to the appointment, I plan to show the doctor my right pointer finger (long and painful story). That one got cut by accident in another person's kitchen of a house when I went over over the weekend Saturday morning before lunch time. I guess, I learned a very important lesson when it comes to cutting round pieces of cheese and a very sharp knife is involved! The finger that got cut still hurts, but not as bad as before and the bleeding finally stopped. I have two band aids covering the finger that got cut. I'm hoping I don't need stitches for the right finger. Really not in the mood to do that on one of my days off from the Senior Center.

More to come later with the results of what happens. Enjoy your day/evening!

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  • All the best Activity2004 with your appointment and hope everything works out well.

  • Thank you! Will let you know what happens later.

  • Hoping for no stitches. Your fingers have been through a lot recently. Looking forward to hearing from you on the update. Best wishes.

  • Thank you. The appointment is at 2:15 pm, so I will leave around 2 pm to get there.

  • Will wait to hear!

  • Oh dear I'm sorry you've got hurt at the weekend, it's easily done.

    Good luck for your next appointment.

    TT x

  • No stitches needed and I need to finish the medication.

  • That's good. I bet you're releaved.

    How is the Dexcom?

    TT x

  • The DEXCOM is still working right now. Will do a posting about it tomorrow when I have a few minutes.

  • hope appointment goes well

  • It did! I have to finish the medication and then the infection hopefully will be gone.

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