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Advice needed please


Hi just joined so i can ask for a little advice please ,

I have a friend that has Diabetes she had a stroke 9yrs ago and lost all use of her right side her husband died last Sept and so she has carers go in 4 times a day , my friend is suppose to check her blood sugar first thing in morning and when ever during the day carers aren't allowed to do this and so therefor looking for something that pricks her finger and test blood all in one go one handed is there such a thing? she'll only test her left hand as you can imagine this is impossible with the usual device without testing it turns out she's been giving herself to much insulin .

Thank you in advance x

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Eh! not sure what your on about .... laser treatment for what? im looking for something she can test her blood sugar that does it all in one go pick,test and reading seeing she only has one use of one hand .

Can her carers not help her, not pricking her finger necessarily but setting up the blood test monitor for her?


gypsy49 in reply to klr31

nope they're not allowed to as it's cause her to bleed lol causing her injury something along them lines lol daft as it sounds


So sorry to hear about your friend, unfortunately it’s really hard that find any kit that you don’t need 2 hands for.

The other options are for her to use a flash glucose monitor which works by waving the monitor over a sensor that’s sticks on your arm. These have recently become avahabme on the NHS but only in certain authorities so worth checking. Privately they are about £169 for the device and £100 per month for the sensors which is very expensive.

Here’s some more information:

The other option is a continuous glucose monitor (this works the same way as the FGM but constantly monitors your BG levels) but she would have to fit the criteria for this (if she’s finding it hard to take care of herself and it’s causing problems then she might qualify) it’s worth speaking to her Diabetes team about getting funding for one.

I have one of these and it’s good in the sense that you don’t need to use individual strips as they are all contained in a cartridge in the back. So all you have to do is open the hatch on the front & prick your finger.

Hope this helps x

gypsy49 in reply to MEJones

yeah read that one and saw the price hmm... rather expensive , she has one of them that you have but still need two hands to open it up and close it etc! im looking for something she can do all with one hand she's actually right handed but can't use her right side so she's still not great using her left hand even after 9yrs , thank you for you input :) x

she had a bad stroke 9yrs ago can't use her right side at all sadly she was right handed im looking for a device she can use to test her blood sugar level with one hand up to now not found owt as she's cock handed using her left hand and her carer's aren't allowed to test her blood sugar as it involves them making her bleed lol which is whats suppose to happen but they're not allowed to cause an injury hmm...

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