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Monday, 4-15-19: DEXCOM NEWS

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Today, the old sensor was having trouble on and off since the morning hours. It also had issues before bedtime last night. Not good at all if you don’t know you’re dropping and you don’t feel it.

Before changing the sensor, the numbers kept going all over the place and also disappeared. When the numbers disappeared, there were question marks instead. Very frustrating!

Still in the warm up period right now. Will do the calibrations near 9 pm tonight with the new sensor.

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Oh dear... not again!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

The new sensor is working so far, so good!😀👍

I so feel your fustration just inserted a new one after one only went 12 hours. I did have a wonderful rep. in the IT dept. give me a trick to try turn off the senor for a short period and see if that changes the issue. Sometimes it has resolved the problem Although not in all situations, I could feel light rod sparking in my abodomen. Knew it was coming out, once again not the first experience. G6 and I have not been great friend love the insertion, painless, lenght of time senor last varies not depenable. When you are insulin fragile this is extremely dangerous. Sorry once again, Activity this weeks saga!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to cherv

Thank you, cherv. I’m keeping my eye on the issue.😀

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The sensor I have been using since Monday night is acting up. The numbers keep going in and out. I may have to use a new sensor later this afternoon. Wil see what happens by 2:50 pm USA time.

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