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urine infection

My husband is a type 2 diabetic. At the moment he is waiting to have a hip replacement. We have been to get preoperative testing done and he has a urine infection. He has been on antibiotics and been checked again. He still has an urine infection and more antibiotics had been given, but third time he still has it. We are desperate to get his hip done. Does anyone have any ideas as to whether diabetes could cause it? Thanks.

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I believe urinary infections can be more common with diabetes.

Does your husband use metformin? because another possibility would be a B12 deficiency - there is a significant overlap between the symptoms of B12 and those of diabetes so it is quite possible for it to build up unnoticed. Metformin is known to suppress the absorption of B12 though the chances of an absorption problem also increase as you get older. Getting B12 deficiency recognised can be very difficult though because the test isn't specific and symptoms are much more important though most GPs aren't aware of this.

list of symptoms can be found here.


There are probably a whole raft of other possibilities as well.

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yes he does take metformin along with sitagliptin and lots of other medication he takes tramadol along side paracetamol for the pain ,how do we know that the different meds don't cause this urine infection he has no symptoms at all with it


sorry - I don't understand your reply - not sure what 'he has no symptoms at all with it' means. If you are saying that he doesn't have any symptoms consistent with B12 deficiency then that basically rules out B12 deficiency from metformin as a cause.

In relation to other medications you would need to talk to either your GP or to the pharmacist who dispenses medications as they should be aware of any interactions or side-effects. You could also refer to the patient advice notes that come in the packets.

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what I meant was he doesn't have any symptoms with the urine infection ,He has the pain from needing surgery for his hip


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