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Hba1c Test needs to be redone, do I have diabetes?

Hi all, I am new to this and not sure if this post is ok but hope it is.

Basically I went to my doctor a few weeks ago because over the last year or so I have been feeling tired a lot. I don't feel tired as in I want to sleep but I find my body just feels tired, my legs and arms feel achey and sometimes I just want to sit down and do nothing (if that makes sense).

My doctor suggested it could be anaemia or my thyrioid so sent me for blood tests.

I then had a letter to say the lab were not able to process my results properly so I had to go for a second blood test which I did last week. During this test I felt faint and had to lie down in the surgery for a bit to recover.

Anyway, I phoned this morning for my results and was told that my Hba1c needed to be tested again. I had no idea what this was so booked in yet another test for 2 weeks time. Now on checking what Hba1c is, I realise it is the test for diabetes.

I was just wandering what other peoples' experiences were and should I now be concerned? I have tried to phone my doctors back to discuss this and they are engaged (my doctors surgery is a busy one).

Just a bit of history on me: about 4 years ago I lost 3 stone and was a size 10/12, i have recently put about 2 stone of this back on and am now a size 14 and am sat in the overweight bmi range.

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it would be stupid for us to guess what this means only your doctor can tell you at this stage. Ring them back and tell them your concerns. But worrying will not change the out come try and not read too much into it after all they need to check everything to find out why you are so tired.


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