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Sunday and the DEXCOM (El domingo y el DEXCOM)

Good evening everyone! I hope you had a great day today and was able to stay cool even in the heat this afternoon. Today, it was nearly 95 degrees! That isn't good since I'm beginning to realize that the heat may cause the battery for the DEXCOM to loose battery power faster than it should. It also seems to cause the DEXCOM to go crazy when you don't expect it to. Why am I saying this? The answer is because I didn't expect to see the Out-of-Range symbol on the upper corner on the receiver before heading out of the house this morning and I was literally right next to it while in the kitchen this morning.

¡Buenas noches cada uno! Espero que tuviera un gran día hoy y fuera capaz de quedarse sereno hasta en el calor esta tarde. ¡Hoy, eran casi 95 grados! Esto no está bien ya que comienzo a realizar que el calor puede hacer que la batería para el DEXCOM suelte la energía de la batería más rápido que debería. Parece que también hace que el DEXCOM se vuelva loco cuando no lo espera a. ¿Por qué digo esto? La respuesta es porque no esperé ver el fuera de Gama símbolo en la esquina superior en el receptor antes de dirigirme de la casa esta mañana y tenía literalmente razón al lado de ello mientras en la cocina esta mañana.

During the late afternoon hours, I went out to dinner with my parents and wanted to check to see what the DEXCOM thought I was running at before I had anything to eat. Turns out, when I looked at the screen of the receiver, there were no numbers being reported for possibly 10-15 minutes! There was no good reason for that to happen.

Durante última hora de horas de la tarde, salí a la comida con mis padres y quise comprobar para ver lo que el DEXCOM creía que corría en antes de que tuviera algo para comer. ¡Resulta, cuando miré la pantalla del receptor, no había números relatados durante posiblemente 10-15 minutos! Allí no fue nada bueno la razón de esto para pasar.

I recalibrated as soon as the numbers came back and it turns out my number went really high after eating my dinner. Will go retest right now before my bedtime snack and shot in a few minutes after posting this tonight. I need to do a new sensor tomorrow afternoon, so I hope this one can last that long.

Calibré de nuevo tan pronto como los números volvieron y resulta que mi número fue realmente alto después de comer mi comida. Irá la nueva prueba ahora mismo antes de mi bocado de la hora de acostarse y tiro en unos minutos después de fijar esto esta noche. Tengo que hacer un nuevo sensor mañana por la tarde, por tanto espero que éste pueda durar tan mucho tiempo.

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Thanks for your regular update about your DEXCOM.You seem to have a lot of problems with it and it's quiet off putting should I need to go on insulin in the future.


Not all of the sensors are bad. It is like a drawing or lottery!

More postings are coming soon. Keep your eyes open for them.


Thyroid, I agree with Activity it is a gamble I can wear my senor most often for 2 weeks without changing it. Which is wonderful for me I'm very lean and do not have a lot of territory for placements changes if it does go bad. I had a bleed in placement for the first time and the Tech. Support Team asked all types of questions and felt it should be fine, the bleeding stopped fast. I was concerned with readings. they said it would not effect. I would have have to bleed volumes to matter were I could not really stop the situation fast or if continued as we spoke.

I love my DEXCOM and depend on it always it does have some problems as with any machine. We have to to do our role in checking our fingers readings to insure it's on track or not.


Okay. Sure! Please keep posting and leaving comments whenever you want. Thanks for the question and commenting this morning. Just got up now (6:30 USA).


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