Starting Week #53: DEXCOM (Comienzo de semana núm. 53: DEXCOM)

Last night after dinner (around 9:30 pm) the sensor I had been using FAILED as I was about to have my bed time snack, shot and test! I was so mad about this because I never like having the sensors fail right as I'm about to go to bed. This caused me to stay up a little later than I usually do and I was almost dreading getting up this morning (I was still not fully rested from the night). I tried to stay up so I wouldn't miss doing the calibration for the new sensor and sleep right through it (that always scares me-- not waking up when necessary). I can only say this one thing: I'm amazed that the old sensor lasted as long as I had because it kept acting up since last Wednesday. I even told Gary (from DEXCOM's Support Tech) about the craziness the old sensor had been causing. He said that the replacement sensor that's going to be free should be sent here to my house by either Tuesday or Wednesday this week. If the one I'm using now fails, he said that they would send me a replacement for free, but send that one overnight. Well, I guess, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

¡Anoche después de la comida (a eso de las 21:30) el sensor había estado usando FALLADO cuando estuve a punto de tener mi bocado del tiempo de la cama, tiro y prueba! Era tan loco sobre esto porque nunca como tener los sensores fallo el derecho ya que estoy a punto de acostarme. Esto hizo que yo me quedara un poco más tarde que por lo general hago y temía casi de despertar esta mañana (todavía no me descansaban totalmente a partir de la noche). Traté de quedarme por tanto no evitaría hacer la calibración para el nuevo sensor y dormiría directamente a través de ello (que siempre me asusta - no despertamiento cuando necesario). Sólo puedo decir esta cosa: me asombro que el viejo sensor durara mientras tenía porque siguió estropeándose desde el miércoles pasado. Hasta dije a Gary (de la Tecnología de Apoyo del DEXCOM) sobre la locura que el viejo sensor había estado causando. Dijo que el sensor de reemplazo esto va a ser libre se debería enviar acá a mi casa antes del martes o antes del miércoles esta semana. Si el que que uso ahora falla, dijo que me enviarían un reemplazo gratis, pero enviarían ese un de noche. Bien, adivino, tendremos que esperar sólo y ver lo que pasa.

Well, I know this is short, but it's almost time for me to have dinner right now. It's almost 5:30 pm USA time. Talk to you all later. Have a great rest of the day. Keep on reading!

Bien, sé que esto es corto, pero es casi el tiempo para mí para cenar ahora mismo. Es casi 17:30 tiempo de los EE. UU. Diríjase a todos ustedes más tarde. Tenga un gran resto del día. ¡Siga leyendo!


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4 Replies

  • I have been getting a lot more senor failures one happened last week I took two day off the DEXCOM. The site it came out of was painful and I'm so thin thinking of inserting was not happy thoughts, my kids were in from out of town and grand kids playing. It was only a day but in some was a relief on the other hand scary always finger pricked still for numbers. My dog responds to lows so we always hope to count on him for help- if my husband has not jogged him to long and he is sleeping hard then it's hubby's turn to watch me. He is always my Dexcom reponder I do not wake to the alerts we have 2 boxes set up he bought an i-pod just for this and my walk so I can call him he works from home now the past 2 years due to may failing health.

    I hope you have a better Dexcom day, may the senor friends provide light for you.

    I cover my sensor when I shower with a plastic bag cut up scran wrap raped with skin tape which will not give skin irritation, helps sensors last longer. Back to the failure now I do know they changed who they got there product from many complained it did not last being worn they would get 2 week on only 1.

  • Thank you for the reply. Did you put a new sensor on recently?

  • Yes, I could only go about a day and half without it's support you get so use to it being you buddy. Insert for me is difficult because I'm so thin 102 lbs 5'5. We have been having some problems balancing my insulin cut back on my long acting to many lows Waking in the night having to eat. I certainly need to wear one. The doctor told me it is not the highs that will kill me sice mine are not vey high it's the lows that will.

  • Is there a part that you can put the sensor so it won't fail sooner?

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