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Going on Insulin

Hi I have been a diabetic for 8-10 years first few years didn't change attitude carried on eating takeaways/chocolate smoking no exercise. 

 I then woke up and drastically overhauled my diet, quit smoking and took up exercise lost 3-4 stone. Loving Life but even so my sugars never drastically reduced were always high readings They then said my thyroid was damaged and they hoped it was this causing my sugars to run high.  I became more and more unable to do exercise due to join pain/low energy and severe fatigue. I eventually had a full Thyroidectomy, this caused my calcium to be deficient so I am on tablets for this when it was also discovered I had B12 deficiency so have 3 monthly injections.  Despite being on several tablets my sugars continue to run at 10-12 so the GP feels that my pancreas has given up the ghost so I need insulin.  

Just wanted advice on going on insulin for the first time, side effects/feelings.  Did your sugars drastically reduce, did you have lots more energy?  

I am hoping that I will be able to get back to exercising to lose weight and become more active in life rather than working/sleeping but I hear horror stories of putting on weight.

Thanks in advance

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I started insulin injections about a year ago. No side effects & no problems with this. It's not difficult. Good luck!

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I am type 1 diabetic and I have been on insulin for almost a year, although I now use a pump rather than injections. I found no side effects with my insulin and actually felt indescribably amazing after starting my treatment and following such a long period of feeling heavy and exhausted. Good luck with your treatment!


When I was first put on insulin, I was an infant. Since then, I've been on different insulins (one for bed time and the other is done three times a day). How many times a day and insulins does your doctor want you to be using? What doses does he/she want you to start out with? Here is a link to the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation's website. Go to: drwf.org.uk/search/node/ins...

Hope this helps.


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