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Not Feeling Well Today=:-(


For some odd reason, I have been blowing my nose non-stop, but nothing seems to be coming out-- even when I sneeze! This has started since Friday night. I think it may be either a nasty start to a cold, OR severe allergies. Either way, I'm not going to work tomorrow and I already left a message for my boss. I hate missing work-- especially if I'm sick and don't know how it happened.

At bed time last night, I would be asleep for a little while and then get woken up because I had to blow my nose-- or I coughed myself awake. I took two naps today and they didn't seem to do that much good. I'll see what happens tomorrow when I take a few more and drink more tea.

Well, I better go for right now and do my test and snack before heading to bed tonight. Hope to hear from you all soon. If I get any notes, I'll check them in the afternoon since I will be trying to nap in the morning after 8:30 am USA time.

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