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TIA or not TIA that is the question!!!

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Hi all

I have just been sent home after a suspected TIA so here is my story....

I have been experiencing pins and needles down my left arm, my left leg and the left side of my lips.

The pins and needles would come and go every couple of hours and lasted 30mins or so. My leg would be numb but I could still drive safely. I haven't felt dizzy or anything more.

I phoned the doctor who said "get down to A&E asap!"

I went to hospital and they admitted me. I have had every test ....CT scan, ultrasound on my neck arteries, MRI scan of my head, various blood tests etc etc. I was there for three days. I understand exactly why I was there because there was a possibility that I was having a mini stroke. I did have a sudden increase of the pins and needles and felt as though I was going to pass out when the doctor inserted a canular into my arm! Not sure if this was "shock" or a genuine mini stroke.

I am out of hospital now and they have put me on five daily tablets (this was the first time in my life that I have been admitted into hospital and I am 66 years old so I do count myself lucky)

The tablets are statins, soluble aspirin, blood pressure, etc etc.

I do have high blood pressure and this maybe a factor and I do like a glass of wine or three.

I am not convinced I have had any sort of mini stroke or TIA as my symptoms are not slurred speach, drooping face, etc. TIA symptoms are more like a stroke which then gets better as the interrupted blood supply to the brain returns.

I am writing this post to see if anyone else has had a similar experience to me and what was their outcome.

I think something is interfering with my Ulna nerve and the nerves that go to my left leg.

Huge thanks to everyone who reads this.

Kind regards

Dave Berry

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I'd be listening to the medics. This is why they train for many years and what we pay them for.

Not all strokes have the same format which is why my rare form took a while to diagnose.

It might be time to rethink your lifestyle a bit to try and reduce your BP.

Good luck

in reply to moo196

Many thanks for your reply.

Did your stroke have a similar format to my symptoms?

Sorry if I am being nosey.

I will do everything to try and avoid ending up in hospital again which means a change of lifestyle :))

All the best to you

Dave B

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No, my symptoms were different, but as other people have also said, strokes have different symptoms.

Treat it as an opportunity to change now and enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest πŸ™

Hi David, a TIA does not always have the drooping face or other sympyoms. My sister has had 2 and has no lasting effects from them.

In her they produced a feeling of absence and an inability to speak coherently for a short period. But no lasting problems.

It depends where in your brain the TIA occurs as to where or what any symptoms may be.

Hope this is helpful.

And as you say change of lifestyle may help x


I've had 2 TIA's & both were different, the 1st slightly affected my speech & the 2nd my slightly my right side, but with both my speech went slurred, but on the 2nd, I couldn't use my right hand for a short while

Since then, I've gone on to have a small stroke on the 26th Jan & that has made my right leg worse, slightly more so with my right arm & hand, so get it checked out if you're concerned

Strokes come in many shapes and sizes. I had a stroke when I was 56 and I had none of the usual symptoms ie drooping mouth but I lost the sensation down the right side of the body, had slurred speech and could not write. However as time passed I could write and, although the wrong words come out of my mouth sometimes I can speak properly. I am left with chronic pain though. Mine was a full blown stroke. Now going back to you, Your CT scan will show if you have had a stroke or not so if they said you had a TiA believe them. You are very lucky but take care of yourself and keep taking the pills

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All of my tests came back clear. I am still experiencing pins and needles two or three times a day but it only lasts for a minute and then goes away.

Your stroke seems to have been much more debilitating than anything I have ever experienced.

I am going to seek a second opinion as I am beginning to think its a trapped nerve.

I will keep taking the tablets for as long as advised.

I hope that your pain gets better and I appreciate your kind words.


Dave B

Well I've had 3 strokes, confirmed by mri and have never suffered slurred speech or any of the FAST symptoms.

I had a full stroke without FAST indicators. You need to have your high blood pressure looked at as a mininimum.

Apparently my mri showed 5 strokes in my lifetime...and 3 recent Dec/Jan. I only recognized the last one as my face got numb but that passed and the lost mobility in my arm all on my right side. But then that passed as i walked to the nurses station at work. But they insisted i go in to the er anyway.

The MRI showed 3 recent strokes...never knew of any of them...never had the droopy face but was affected in few other minor ways in comparison - I was in denial...but recognize now every stroke is different. Its in the brain...

Its perplexing as they cant figure out why...any of it happened am only 55...but its a wake up call...change or next one may be a big one...they thought it was just a TIA for me too...but initial CAT scan showed 3. But even if it were just a TIA...thats a wake up call, next one may be a full life changing stroke.

Recognize need to exercise...and for me need to stop sugars/bad carbs...need to get heart rate up atleast 30 mins a day min and increase to an hour...and get adequate sleep.

I found out that specialists do have a problem if you present with a none recognizable, or at least unusual symptom.

On getting up one morning over 7 years ago and leaving my bedroom my left arm had a mind of its own and involuntarily moved quite violently around for several seconds. It occurred again 2 days later when my left leg seemed to attempt the same in conjunction with the arm again, this caused me to fall back, fortunately onto the bed. a few days later my left arm and leg had a heavy feeling that went on and off at times over several days, finally my left foot felt like a lead weight and I instinctively dragged it across the floor this occurred on and off several times over the next few days. A t this point I was referred to a specialist who put me through several physical test and asked me several questions and took note that I was on blood pressure tablets for not particularly high blood pressure. He finally put me on Clopidogrel ( in lieu of aspirins my stomach doesn't like).

It was concluded I'd had a TIA. Most unusual as my symptoms went on for so long and varied considerably. Not the standard mini stroke.

On later having an ultra scan It was found my right carotid artery was over 70% blocked. I deduced that although I'd had similar to a TiA I believe what had occurred was due to the thickness of the blood restriction occurred on and off caused by the narrowing of the carotid artery. As the Cloidogrel prevents the platelets sticking together this effectively thins the blood and allowed it to pass the restriction more easily. It must be the case as I've had no more problems at 93 years. But of course the doctors don't accept that because in their belief all TIAs apparently must be caused by a clot or clots....sorry, not in my case, as the points I've made suggest otherwise. My maxim is, never believe everything a doctor tells you, contest it as necessary. The treatment of Clopidogrel was correct but the initial cause they gave of the TiA was not.


I had my first Tia in 2011. I lost all my cognitive functions. My phone became just a price of plastic. I hadn't a clue how to use it and so couldn't call for help. My speech went because I couldn't think of any words! My only option was to drive to my mum's. I got there and collapsed. I was taken to hospital and spent 6 hrs recovering. After many tests I was told I had suffered a brain bleed. The left half of my skull now has no feeling. My left face dropped a little. I lost the ability to wink my left eye and the lady side of my lips didn't want to work. After trying various drugs I developed what they described as hypersensitivity to medication. Though it's my body and I take a 75mg dispersible Aspirin a day to keep my BP stable. Basically I am on my own in this mess! I worked on my feeling loss and managed to regain my smile and ability to wink. Then I had a second TIA. This rendered me unconscious for 4 hrs. I lost the feeling down the outside of my left leg and the first three toes in my left foot. Here I am now 9 years later. I have now had 7 TIA's. The experts say I won't make it to 10 and a big one may occure anytime, taking me out of the game. I was told I should get my life in order and live day by day. So my funeral is booked. Now I work on line, as and when I want. I am in the gym 4 times a week. I drink wine but it has to be red and in moderation. This because the resveratrol in it is apparently beneficial to stroke syndrome. I still drive and get on with life.!

I usually have a 10 minute warning which gives me plenty of time to get to a safe place and prepare myself. Some have said it's only because I am a healer that I am still here. We don't all suffer the same you see.

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