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Have I had a Minor Stroke?

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Hello, I am new on here. Eight weeks ago I was taken to A&E after having an episode. It started when I got up, feeling tired and not myself after having a bad nights sleep. I couldn't make sense of an email I was reading, and couldn't compose a two line email, it took me ten minutes to do it. I put it all down to feeling tired at first. I then started talking gibberish in a meeting and the right side of my nose and lip were numb. I also had pins and needles in my right hand. My husband took me to hospital. My symptoms were almost gone by now but my blood pressure was extremely high and I had a banging headache. My CT scan came back clear, a Doppler scan was normal and an MRI I had three weeks after the incident came back clear. The doctor is putting it down to migraine and I have no follow up appointment. I am going to see a Neurologist privately with Bupa. I hope he can help me, as I am worried it might happen again. Has anyone on here experienced similar symptoms and the doctor diagnosed you wrong.

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You are very Welcome to our site I hope that we can be off assistant.

I have already had my Stroke bag out off the "blue"

Yes that is a good idea to go private for your treatment.

I have had my chronic pain since 2005.

The NHS has been next to useless to be honest.

I have gone private for my chronic pain.

I have found out more with only a small number off appointments than I have with the NHS over the past 11yrs.

Please let me know if I can be off help to you ???


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DianeMH in reply to Steve49

Thanks Steve, I feel let down by the NHS and have gone private with other health issues. I'll let you know how I get. Diane

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Steve49 in reply to DianeMH


Yes me too, I feel very let down by them. I wouldn't mind but I worked over 10yrs with them.

So much for loyalty.


Thanks for the reply. I feel let down by the NHS that's why I am going private with this. If I have or haven't had a TIA, I just want to know what happened to me. Diane


Surprisingly similar symptoms but not misdiagnosed....jjust a long time coming and second seizure in between.

Mine was cvst...very rare.

Would def ask for second opinion


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DianeMH in reply to moo196

Thank you. I hope you are keeping well at the moment. Diane

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moo196 in reply to DianeMH

Yes- I'm "OK". Planning my 3rd big trip since stroke.... :-) ... my blood clot is hanging on in there but I'm not giving up !

There aren't always magic wands to fix everything but a think a definite diagnosis is the best starting point .


I am also new on here but have hesitated to post as my problem seemed so minor.

However, I had the same thing happen to me.

Gibberish speech during a conversation with friends at the same time being aware that what I was saying was not what I wanted to say. It lasted about ten minutes or so.

Sent to TIA clinic same day. The two scans I had came back okay. After seeing the Cardiologist I was told I had had a Tia which was a warning mini stroke. I've been prescribed Clopidogeral, a blood thinner. Also if it happens again I have to call an ambulance. A very scary experience.

I am amazed at the treatment you have received and would certainly ask for a second opinion as soon as possible.

Hope you get it resolved quickly


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Clopidogral is an anti-platelet medication sometimes taken with aspirin before moving to an anticoagulant. Current advice is to treat a TIA as if it were a full stroke. Bear in mind that you can have a full stroke but no FAST indicators; it happened to me.

Thanks for your reply. I am seeing a Neurologist on 8th September, which I have arranged through Bupa. So hopefully will get to know what happened. All sounds very familiar, with the clear scans, and also a very scary experience. Hope you are feeling better now. Diane

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Betsysue2002 in reply to DianeMH

Five years and i finally found your post. I hope youve been doing ok and still are.

Yesterday I stopped in at the emergency room on the walk to work having difficulty walking, feeling like spacey drunk. Head - i have lowgrade Leukoaraiosis. Heart - never thought of that really. Tests showed all ok. Thats the biggest problem so far ... on paper i look fine. It’s freaky.

Hi and welcome to the forum. It may have been a TIA and, I've had similar weirdness when I had a urinary tract infection. If it was a TIA then you will need advice on whether you need to take an anticoagulant.


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You have replied to an old post?

Yes. I appear to be getting one year old posts in place of the latest.


The only bad thing about having one of these symtoms is you dont know what time it happened and how long it lasted.

I only noticed mine when i got out of bed in the morning and couldn't balance myself properly.Had a scan to confirm the result. STROKE.

Have had a minor one since. STILL here thank heavens!!!

Good luck anyway..


SORRY, just noticed 1 year ago.

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