Have I had a Minor Stroke?

Hello, I am new on here. Eight weeks ago I was taken to A&E after having an episode. It started when I got up, feeling tired and not myself after having a bad nights sleep. I couldn't make sense of an email I was reading, and couldn't compose a two line email, it took me ten minutes to do it. I put it all down to feeling tired at first. I then started talking gibberish in a meeting and the right side of my nose and lip were numb. I also had pins and needles in my right hand. My husband took me to hospital. My symptoms were almost gone by now but my blood pressure was extremely high and I had a banging headache. My CT scan came back clear, a Doppler scan was normal and an MRI I had three weeks after the incident came back clear. The doctor is putting it down to migraine and I have no follow up appointment. I am going to see a Neurologist privately with Bupa. I hope he can help me, as I am worried it might happen again. Has anyone on here experienced similar symptoms and the doctor diagnosed you wrong.

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  • Hi.

    You are very Welcome to our site I hope that we can be off assistant.

    I have already had my Stroke bag out off the "blue"

    Yes that is a good idea to go private for your treatment.

    I have had my chronic pain since 2005.

    The NHS has been next to useless to be honest.

    I have gone private for my chronic pain.

    I have found out more with only a small number off appointments than I have with the NHS over the past 11yrs.

    Please let me know if I can be off help to you ???


  • Thanks Steve, I feel let down by the NHS and have gone private with other health issues. I'll let you know how I get. Diane

  • Hi.

    Yes me too, I feel very let down by them. I wouldn't mind but I worked over 10yrs with them.

    So much for loyalty.


  • Thanks for the reply. I feel let down by the NHS that's why I am going private with this. If I have or haven't had a TIA, I just want to know what happened to me. Diane

  • Hi,

    Surprisingly similar symptoms but not misdiagnosed....jjust a long time coming and second seizure in between.

    Mine was cvst...very rare.

    Would def ask for second opinion


  • Thank you. I hope you are keeping well at the moment. Diane

  • Yes- I'm "OK". Planning my 3rd big trip since stroke.... :-) ... my blood clot is hanging on in there but I'm not giving up !

    There aren't always magic wands to fix everything but a think a definite diagnosis is the best starting point .

  • Hi,

    I am also new on here but have hesitated to post as my problem seemed so minor.

    However, I had the same thing happen to me.

    Gibberish speech during a conversation with friends at the same time being aware that what I was saying was not what I wanted to say. It lasted about ten minutes or so.

    Sent to TIA clinic same day. The two scans I had came back okay. After seeing the Cardiologist I was told I had had a Tia which was a warning mini stroke. I've been prescribed Clopidogeral, a blood thinner. Also if it happens again I have to call an ambulance. A very scary experience.

    I am amazed at the treatment you have received and would certainly ask for a second opinion as soon as possible.

    Hope you get it resolved quickly


  • Clopidogral is an anti-platelet medication sometimes taken with aspirin before moving to an anticoagulant. Current advice is to treat a TIA as if it were a full stroke. Bear in mind that you can have a full stroke but no FAST indicators; it happened to me.

  • Thanks for your reply. I am seeing a Neurologist on 8th September, which I have arranged through Bupa. So hopefully will get to know what happened. All sounds very familiar, with the clear scans, and also a very scary experience. Hope you are feeling better now. Diane

  • Hi and welcome to the forum. It may have been a TIA and, I've had similar weirdness when I had a urinary tract infection. If it was a TIA then you will need advice on whether you need to take an anticoagulant.


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  • Yes. I appear to be getting one year old posts in place of the latest.

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