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Just been told i have had a mini stroke now have panic attacks

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Hi everyone..experienced two very strange head feelings within a week .so went to AandE. Drs said it was just tension headaches..i inisted it felt more serious.so they agreed to a CT scan...that showed damage..and that i have had a mini stroke. Waiting now for my referral to stroke specialistt. Left hospital with no info or anything really..so feel in limbo. Now 4 days later and suffered from some severe panic attacks as any tension feeling in my head makes me think i am having another mmi stroke or about to seizure. Seeing my GP later hopefully for some anxiety medication? Sound familiar to anybody... ? For info I am a 47 yr old ..male in good health.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Everyone of us who has had a TIA or full stroke is aware everyday that it could happen again, but in the same way that as a driver you put the thought of an accident in a small corner of your mind, we stroke survivors do that with the thought of another stroke.

The Royal College of Physicians published Stroke Guidelines in 2016. There are two versions, one for clinicians and the other for patients and carers. The patients and carers version can be read or downloaded at: strokeaudit.org/Guideline/P...

You should have been told that you should not drive for one month from the date of the TIA.

My Consultant Neurologist advised me that I shouldn't do inverted yoga poses (other than legs up the wall relaxation), lift weights, or hold my breath. I am allowed to use a rowing machine or a static bike.

Your stroke specialist (Consultant Neurologist?) rather than your GP is usually the best person to prescribe medication. You may be temporarily prescribed antiplatelet medication and high dose aspirin. It's unlikely that you will be prescribed Warfarin these days, but it could be a NOAC such as Dabigatran. You should ask:

* what caused the TIAs?

* what treatment you need eg an unltrasound scan of the carotid arteries in your neck?

* what medication you should take;

* whether there are any lifestyle changes that you should make?

* what follow-up is necessary?

Come back and chat when you're ready.

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Hidden How did you come up with Dabigatran?

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The mention of Dabigatran was an example as I assume that an anticoagulant will be prescribed.

I was recommended not to have an anticoagulant as I was low risk, did a lot of aerobic work and, I was/am a bleed risk from an haemangioma on my tongue. Eighteen months later I had a full stroke and then I was prescribed a NOAC. It appears that I had a TIA whilst on Apixaban four weeks after the full stroke. I've had pulmonary toxicity / cryptogenic organising pnuemonia from Dronedarone and Amiodarone, so Rivaroxaban was contraindicated. That left Dabigatran (Pradaxa) that works well for me.

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Oh I get it , thanks for sharing, cindy

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Hi john boy, well I went to see 'stroke dr' he said brain scan was ok, he suggested a chageof anti coats, from Dabigatran to Riveroxiban, so I agreed to it, hoe I don't get any side effects. He doesn't want to see for a year, still wondering about that me being a worrier. Nice to speak with you again take care Sann x

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That's good, but ask for another consultation if things don't go that well. Worrying is understandable but don't let it run your life. Come back and chat any time.


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Thanks hi john boy, nice to speak with you again, yes I will certainley as for another consultation if I feel it's not going well, didn't know you could do that with a consultant, hope you are keeping well, take care. Sann

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It's your body and you need to get the right result for you. I've had some medical cul-de-sacs, so when I wanted advice about the stroke I wrote directly to my Consultant Neurologist to bypass the usual stuff and, lovely approachable person that she is, she arranged another consultation.

I'm well and, this afternoon I heard from Amy of Health Unlocked, so the story may yet unfold :-)

Stay well. Namaste


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Hi John boy long time no speak, hope you are keeping well, I seem to have developed a cough,went to drs he said I might have asthma, gave me a ventolin inhaler and on my way ( oh the usual thing these days, form for a blood test) Don’t think the inhaler is doing anything have used my own methol inhaler seems to work better. so await result of blood test. Wonder why drs are sending you for blood test all the time( methinks they Can’t be bothered once you are past 70 and when you are 80 odd ) well say no more. So nice to keep in touch keep warm as it’s getting cold now. Sann x

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Hi Sann; I wonder if your GP is looking for inflammatory markers related to your cough.

Amy and Natalia were here yesterday to do a short video for Health Unlocked. It was one of those days when I was far from fluent so I'll be interested to see the edit. I'm keeping well and I've been clearing scrub in the nature reserve.

Keep well.


I had to wait until my cervical dissection was diagnosed. It's definitely not the best time with anxiety while you're waiting.

Are you taking any meds?

Hi there, have had a couple of TIA's recently and I do know how you feel, especially when you have had a headache. It's difficult not to think the worst and I have panicked a couple of times but I am getting to grips with it now and I have stopped worrying too much. I have not had any lasting effects and I am doing all I can to reduce the chances of me having another. I have high blood pressure but I am taking medication for this as well as improving my diet and reducing weight. Prior to the TIA I have never been ill and I cycle 50 to 75 miles a week. I have seen a stroke specialist who says there is no guarantee I won't have another but he says if I stick to the programme with the medication there is no reason why I should have. My scan also shows damage by the way. I am 63. When I had my TIA I lost speech and my face dropped but nothing else was affected. Hang on in there and have a good look at your lifestyle to see if you can improve anything to help


seems important that you have clot busting medication,i myself have clopidogrel,supposed to be like aspirin but better.

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