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Newbie with a question


Hello everyone and thanksnim advance for reading my post or also replying ..

Last week I was in hospital after suffering a stroke . I haven't been keeping very well for a long while now and just couldn't pin point what it was. Then I got admitted to hospital who said i had suffered a stroke but it wasn't recent even though the only reason i went to my GP was because I'd lost the ability to speak .

Fast forward from that and I'm now home . However , I am left feeling very emotional ... all I want to do is cry ? I wouldn't say I'm not an emotional person usually as I can weep for no reason but these past few weeks I have been an emotional wreck and since being released from hospital I feel it has got worse ..

Is this normal ? Should I be feeling this way .im over the shock of having had a stroke I just seen like a bubbling wreck at everything ..

Any advice would be grateful. Thanks in advance.


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Google: Pseudobulbar affect or emotions after a stroke this may enlighten you with some information you’re looking for

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Oh thank you so much ... xx

It is a well known side effect of stroke. My OH had two silent strokes (he didn't know he had had them until an MRI scan). He is very similar to you emotionally. Just remind yourself that it will pass and concentrate on doing things that make you feel better about things. If there is no improvement then maybe consider counselling.

Hi, I'd also recommend the headway section of HU. Many of us there have suffered a stroke (brain injury from a stroke).

How are you doing now? Any new changes?

I still feel very tired a lot of the time . I have no concentration at all... I don't sleep good .... my speech is back though .....

I haven't had any support from my doctors or that ... apart from they have put my anti depressants up twice and I'm in the very highest dose I can take ....

I don't think it helps I have fibro thrown into the mix....

I'm hoping to get back to my voluntary next week and see if getting out the house will make me feel better ...

Hope you are well xx

The first year post stroke is very exhausting i 4 years out it is much better although if i read or am on the computer to long i get very tired, but i also have APS so that could contribute . I cant believe its been four years. Yes, getting out will help but dont expect things to be the “normal” they once were and if they arent dont beat yourself up.

Remember your brain has been thru alot and just getting up and ready may overwhelm you just because of the excitment for the approaching hours of the day. Be sure you decide that you will take a break when you need to. No one expects you to be suer human. Warm hugs, let me know, feel free to PM me i am in the US and it is 6:30 pm now.

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The place where I will be doing my voluntary are an after care centre for people with depression / mental health issue and autism amongst other disabilities ..... so they have not allowed me back before now as they are aware I need time to recover and they have stressed that although I am helping them out that they are always there for me and they will keep an eye on me and I have to take things as easy as possible and not over do things ..... they said they will help me as much as possible ... plus I am only doing one day a week for now ....

Thank you for your help and your kindness to help me xx

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