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Recent discoveries of tias.

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Hi. Been diagnosed in hospital with tias due to Mri scan I was recieving as I suffer from neuralgia and cranium contium headaches also mg with migraines . I collapsed later week and was mini stroke but seems I've had them a while now. Should I be referred to a stroke clinic? Also physio said I had weakness down left side. Should this not be addressed? Also I'm exhausted.

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my stroke ws quitea biggie, two years ago, and these feelings of crippling exhaustion seem par for the course;-( try and get set upwith Physio - hydrotherapyis a big help to me, aall thre best to you, Greg

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Thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear you had such a big stroke. exhaustion seems to be par for the course for me at min. hope you get better soon. x

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Thanks #Trcia and I wish you all the very best with your recovery and I'll fight on ewith the reconstruction of Gregor mark two;-) xx

it has taken me nearly a year to lift the tieredness but at least it is getting better never thought it would ever go hang on in there things to get better very slowly good luck but still have a weekness in left hand side

Thank you for taking time out to reply. it really helps knowing I'm not I'm not alone. hope you get better soon. xx

Hi Tricia, I'm now into my fifth year of stroke syndrome and had 6 tia's. Mine all started with a RTC in 2009 but I couldn't prove causation and so it wasn't included in my claim for compo! I suppose I might class myself as fortunate in as much as I usually get a warning of whats coming as I've gotten to recognize the symptoms! I'm able to prepare myself and am usually out for about four hours whilst my brain sorts itself and then I'm fine! ATOS declared me as fit/wel and able to work 12 months ago so all my benefits were stopped and I have been forced to return to contracting. I sometimes struggle with technical issues and the muscles effected don't want to work as well as they did but I can still drive unimpaired and live as good a life as I can forcing my body to comply through grit and determination! I also developed brain hypersensitivity to medication and was advised by the clinic basically I was on my own as I simply cannot tolerate anything which affects my brain chemistry! I get the fatigue which often means a 2 hr nap when I get home from work before I begin my evening! I just get on with life and have developed coping strategies, as waiting for the biggy to take me home to Spirit won't do me any good and take each day as it comes! I wish you all the best :-)

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